Inktober 8: Questions for god, I have a few, such as the big one: WHY?


What’s the buzz, tell me what’s a happenin’



In this existence, you have an avatar, your ego or personality. It is comprised of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It is in your body. These things are yours. Your ego is yours. But it is not you.  

You are a soul, for lack of a word, that is a sub-sub-sub-sub, (I mean let’s go a few subs-) sub-part of the great universal consciousness from which all existence and non-existence springs.

So, you are a being (literally something that is)  having a level of consciousness. You are a little bit smarter (or more aware, if we want to define what smarter means in the case of consciousness) of the nature of life, the universe, and everything, than, say a bear or friendly neighborhood cat. (I mean I know some cats who are a few levels of consciousness above some humans, but speaking generally here.)

And that bear is maybe a bit more aware of life and the nature of existence than the parasites that live in his intestines from the rancid fish he ate –that fish itself only barely conscious of its existence and what life was before it croaked on the side of the river after having ingested some radioactive kelp from Fukushima (which is still DAILY dumping radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean - are YOU aware, are you paying attention?)

That is part of your duty, having a human consciousness that is not only aware of your self, that you are a being (parasites and such may not be so aware!), but also that there is existence beyond you, that the universe is bigger than earth and the stars we see. What an amazing awareness to have, cool level of consciousness humans!

But because we humans have such a conscious awareness of existence, we must therefore recognize our connection to each other and the earth, which is our life-giving mother, and the sun hers, and so on. That is, physically what higher consciousness looks like. The earth is the physical embodiment of our over soul, as she gives each of her inhabitants life through her energy and the chain of life upon it. It is incumbent upon us to have an awareness of this connection, to recognize its truth and reason, and to feel compassionate for her and for each other as brothers and sisters upon this planet  

We need to start taking care of the earth and each other. We are not divided in interests. We are not what they tell you we are in the media, from politics to pundits, to sadistic presidents, it’s all noise. You know in your heart what you believe and who you are. You know what makes sense for the earth and humanity, because you are a part of it. You don’t need to be told that the other people over there are different from you and scary and you mustn’t talk to them or care about them. They are monsters. And idiots after all. We need to put our egos down for a minute and listen to one another. Seek to understand one another. We are not so different, not when you begin to look, reach across the scary divide that the governments and entertainment industries and information drips try to drive between us. Reach out to something you fear, and try to understand it. Find compassion in your heart and a curiosity to understand. And find the joy and love that come from truly connecting with other people and finding reasons to love them. We all want love at a deeply inherent level. It is a need of our ego on this earthly plain. And that is for a purpose. You are here to play your ego. You will feel emotions and have emotional needs that will make you feel other things when they are filled or not. These emotional experiences, bad and good, are yours, they are part of the you that is your ego, which becomes ever a part of your soul as it grows and develops through the infinite existence. (Matter and Energy are one and energy is never created nor destroyed, law of the universe, google it.) 

By being mindful in the moment – present and aware in the moment – this is how you unlock the power to let the will of your true self take control of your life. If you are in the moment, you can observe your emotions, observe your thoughts, and navigate your way purposefully through your experiences through the decisions that you consciously make. That is your power. Wake up. Wake up to your power. It means honoring the ego, but learning how to observe it in the moment and deciding each moment how you, your true self, really wants to be. Honor the ego: your thoughts are not you, they are yours; your emotions are not you, they are yours; your experiences are not you, they are yours; your body is not you, it is yours. You are watching through your eyes. Through your other senses. The ways in which you sense the world are the ways in which your energy (matter = energy) interplays with the rest of the energies in the universe. We are literally, as a physical energy field embedded with consciousness, all connected. We are physically one. And we are mentally one, since all is mental. All is vibration. Study physics, it’s a really fun science, just like chemistry. It helps you understand this stuff. But you can also study Taoism and Hinduism and Buddhism and yeah the western traditions as well. I was raised in the Mormon tradition and there is much truth in that tradition as well. The traditions of the world cultures all speak the same truth, if you see it with the right eyes. You need to pay attention. Look. All the information is out there. And it is in you too. Listen to your heart, your passions. Follow what your heart rewards you with joy. Listen to your gut, your instinct knows things, it’s there to tell you when something doesn’t feel right. Listen to your intuition, it connects through subconscious to universal consciousness. Let it be your guide. 

Sorry this shit got deep, sometimes you just have to let it go there. And sorry for that crazy stream of consciousness, that’s just sometimes how it flow.

Wishing you peace, love, and healing.  

Honor the Ego, Realize Oneess