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Thursday, May 24, 2012


So I was having lunch with the attorney who employed me whilst I was in my last year of law school, and we were talking about things like the bar exam, and he told me a horror story of how, when he took the bar exam, his computer blue-screen-of-deathed on him toward the beginning of the essay portion, and so he had to hand write his exams for 6 hours (that's six hours of pure hand crampage, folks). In order to allay the horrors that would accompany such a bad stroke of luck, the attorney advised me to practice writing at least some of the essays I am analyzing in my bar prep with my hand, so that I can build the muscles and get used to the idea that I can do it if I have to. So I'm not quite ready for full on essay hand writing yet, because of the severe atrophy of muscles in my hands other than for purposes of stabbing downward at keys, but I went ahead and outlined an essay this afternoon. As you can see, having computer death will probably be close to the worst thing that could happen to me on the bar exam, because my handwriting is nearly illegible even to myself. Maybe I should just bring a back-up computer instead.

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Manuela Campbell said...

 I have to write all my exams by hand!  Luckily they are 2-3 hours, but still I'm terrified that I won't get high marks because my handwriting will be too messy.  First one is tomorrow, yikes!

elly_rarg said...

I've found that there is definitely a correlation between my computer usage + the eligibility of my hand writing. Good luck with all the prep! :)

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