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Monday, April 23, 2012

Bar Study

My bar exam study books arrived in a package today. I had trouble hoisting it into my house because it had this many books in it:

I have a hard time seeing how I'm going to get through that many pages in two months, but they put you on a pretty regimented schedule, so I guess if they say I can do it, I can.

Bar study doesn't technically start for a few weeks. I am still in my finals period at school, although my finals really came early this semester, back when I was freaking out turning in a bunch of papers and giving presentations, and finishing up client matters. Now all I have to do over the next two weeks is revise my capstone paper and prepare for and take my antitrust exam. So much more low-key than finals period normally is. I mean, I paid my dues early, but it is nice to laugh a little while some of my friends have a regular finals period freak out.

I filed my bar application (barely) on time, and booked a room at the hotel where the exam is taking place, so everything should be set to go for the exam in July. It's a two-day exam. The first day consists of six essays and two "multi-state performance tests", which is basically where they give you a closed universe scenario with some cases and statutes and whatever else so you can analyze a legal problem, almost as if you are given real legal cases to work on. Day two is lots and lots of multiple choice questions. 

So anyway, the sun has arrived in Portland and it is lovely. Ian and I went to the batting cages yesterday to hit some baseballs (just being around baseballs makes me kind of giddy like a child, apparently). Today my arm is weak and my shoulder aches as a result. But it was worthwhile.

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heidikins said...

Oh my goodness, good luck!


Nic said...

I have been missing reading your blog.  Somehow you went from law student to almost-pretty much-graduate-finished with school-person in a short couple of weeks, and I've been distracted.  I should say congratulations first, followed by WTF! with all of those bar books?  Really?  You have to read and retain all of that knowledge for presentation at a two-day exam?  There's a part of me that always thought it would be cool to be a lawyer, but damn... that's a lot of work.  After all the work you've already done.  The siren on my laziness device is going off like mad.

I'm very excited for you.  Almost there.  

Sra said...

 Thanks. I'm hoping to be able to start blogging a little more. Maybe even get back to some actual articles instead of all this boring reporting on my law school drama crap.

Some of those books are workbooks and some contain practice exam questions, so it's not all substance that I need to memorize. But there is a lot of substantive law to internalize for the exam. You pretty much need to memorize it all, since it's a closed book exam. But the exam covers the core subjects like constitutional law, contracts, torts, criminal law, procedural law (civil and criminal), income tax, evidence, administrative law, property law, secured transactions and property transactions, and probably some other stuff that I'm leaving out. I think the bar doesn't go as deeply into some of those subjects as you do when you take the individual classes, but you need to be pretty competent at all of them. A jack of all trades. So it is a heavy burden. But law school creates a good foundation, I think. Hopefully it will all go well.

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