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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcome to the Big Apple

Just when you think you are the busiest you've ever been in your life, things just get busier.

I'm reminded of the time I went on a cross-country road trip with my roommate the August after I graduated from college. We headed out to Boston, down to New York, and finally  to DC before heading back home via Lawrence, Kansas. When we reached Boston, I was  hotter than I had ever been. That is, until we reached New York, where I was even hotter. Then, of course, sweltering DC blew away my whole conception about how hot a person could actually be before their head would explode.

I'm kind of going through that same experience right now but with the busy. I think I'm in New York at this point. I say that because I can only image how busy I am going to feel when I begin preparing for the bar exam, which is probably going to be about in the vicinity of DC. But New York is pretty damn unpleasant, and I have felt myself toeing the line of a mental breakdown once or twice in the past week or two.

Luckily, I have Mr. E to help diffuse my I-can't-handle-this with a hard-nosed dose of yes-you-can-and-you-will-dammit. I also have a great sense of denial and an exhibited pattern of avoidance.

So what I'm dealing with right now is this: (1) I have to draft a complaint and motion for summary judgment for work, which does not have a hard deadline, but which I promised they would see a draft of in two weeks, which means Friday; (2) I have an in-class graded midterm in Criminal Law next Tuesday, and the material to be covered is actually quite challenging (mens rea -- difficult -- who knew?); (3) I have a roughly 8 page paper due in Wills & Trusts also next Tuesday; (4) Law Review, the evil obligation from the third circle of hell, will be assigning me to perform a second edit of a paper on Thursday and will uncharitably ask for it to be due Saturday night (the first edit took me roughly 15 hours, and considering the appalling state of the paper, I'm not sure the second edit will take much less).

It is now, I guess technically Tuesday night, but my computer clock is calling this Wednesday. That means I need to get the Complaint practically finished tomorrow. I think I can do that. It is started, but needs a lot of fleshing out. I think I can make my bosses happy by supplying them the Complaint on Friday and promising the MSJ the following week. Next most important is the Crim Law studying -- that test ain't gonna disappear and there are a lot of bright eyed bushy tailed 2Ls in that class who have not had their souls crushed in 1L (remarkably) and will probably come guns blazing to the test. I gotta bring it too. Finally, I can take a two day extension on the Wills paper, and most likely will. Otherwise I might have to, like, not sleep for a few days or something, and that would be most unpleasant and out of the question. As for law review, well, it's low-priority, AFAIC.

Today's takeaway advice:
Don't join the law review; or if you think you must, make sure that the review has entered the 21st century and uses digital means to accomplish its purposes. I'm talking Google Docs and Dropbox and the like. There is no reason I should have to vie against 30 other people for 4 computers and hard copy binders of the materials we are working on. Digital, people! For fuck's sake.

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