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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And the peasants rejoice!

The grades are all in, and I am rather pleased to report that my GPA did not go down. In fact, it got a little bump upwards, so that I probably qualify for the top 25% of my class now -- a magical number that many employers want to see before they think you are worthy of consideration.

I got an A in Intellectual Property, a B+ in Entertainment, and -- most squeal worthy -- a B+ in Sales!!!!! That last one is the best B+ of my life. In fact, I am shocked, shocked, I say, that my exam was worth that much, because it felt like a train wreck when I wrote it.

Last term was actually my highest grading yet, much to my surprise. Doener Kabaps will be consumed this weekend in celebration, with plenty of Hefeweizen.

I'm hoping this semester will go just as well, if not better. I think the fact that I actually like my classes this time could help. I feel much happier for the time being.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back in Black

I just finished my first week back at school. This semester looks like it is going to be so much better than last, curriculum-wise. I have not hated any of my reading so far, and I have only been somewhat bored in my ethics class (and that probably won't change), but everything else is holding my attention pretty well. I am even getting pretty intellectually excited in some of my courses, like copyrights and constitutional law II.

I have a slightly heavier load than last term -- with 16 credits instead of 14. But I will have the same number of exams (5) and one 15-25-page paper, which is basically the same load in terms of my output. In terms of input, only slightly more reading will be required, but I think as my reading interests me more, it shouldn't be like pulling teeth to get my assignments done this time around.

My schedule is kind of wonky time-wise, as predicted. The hardest part is going to be Tuesdays going into Wednesdays, because I have two evening courses Tuesdays nights that will lead directly into three morning courses Wednesday mornings. Essentially that means that by Tuesday night I have to have read for 5 classes, because there won't be much time to do anything in between. I'm trying to solve that problem by reading through Tuesday's assignments over the weekend, but I was still one class behind my optimal reading schedule this week, so I may modify that to reading through one Wednesday class over the weekend. Then once Wednesday is done, I don't have class again until 8:PM the following night, and between that time I only have to read for one more class that week and I guess any extra I want to pick up for the following week.

It's a really odd schedule, but it kind of gives me a nice combination of feeling rushed followed by getting to chill out for a bit, instead of feeling moderately tense all the time. I think my body might like that better. I only have to get up "early" (read: for a 10:30 class) twice per week, then I get to sleep in every other day, which I love. I also get to spend more time at home during hours where I get the house to myself and can focus more on my reading. And just being able to sit around in my PJs drinking tea and eating eggs on toast is pretty splendid compared to sitting in the always over-air-conditioned-even-in-the-middle-of-god-damned-winter student lounge eating a $6 turkey sandwich with questionable "meat" trying to get work done when there's always someone who wants to chat.

So, I'm liking this very much so far, thank you.

Let me say, it is a relief. After last semester I feared the first year I might have been sipping some koolaid that made me think I was having an ok time. But now I think maybe I can still have an ok time, provided I have classes that don't make me think of creative ways of offing myself.

On another note, grades are due next Tuesday (so next week's post might be sprinkled with a few tears, pending the results of my Sales Contracts final), but already two of my grades are posted, and they are good. A- in Copyright History and B in Administrative Law. That puts me ahead in terms of what I expected to grade, so I really can go ahead and get a D in Sales and still be ok. God forbid, because I really will cry, but it will still all be ok.

Stay tuned.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Tears of laughter

I was doing a little blog reading and stumbled upon a video of a blogger named Skepchick sharing stupid celebrity health tips for the new year (that one is quite funny, check it out). I liked it so much that I visited her YouTube channel, and found the below video. In it, she makes fun of people who attack her opinions by means of attacking her appearance. It's a very clever use of self-deprecation to make her point. I dig this girl's style. Be sure to also check out her blog. The post on the movie Idiocracy made me guffaw whilst silent tears squeezed outst mine eyes.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ressy, Ressy

It's resolution time! Hope everyone had a happy new year, btw.

Ressy 1) You're fit, but my gosh, don't you know it!  It's time for me to get fit (how original, I know). Once school starts on the 10th, I plan to begin my fitness regimen, which will include (a) an overt sugar embargo, (b) regularly scheduled exercise, and (c) attempts at eating smaller portions of healthier food. It's such an easy formula when you lay it out like that, but we all know theory does not easily translate to practice, and results are often hard in coming. Still, I shall give it a valiant effort. I don't really feel too overweight, but I don't really feel too good about myself either. When you find that you would be embarrassed to take your clothes off for someone you've never slept with before, it's a pretty good sign that you are ready to get fit. Luckily, I don't have to take my clothes off for anyone new, but I would still like to get fit for the benefit of those of us who still do have to see me naked from time to time. Plus, I have designs on one day acquiring this ninja suit, and I want to make it look good, bitch.

Ressy 2) Find law school zen again. It's not that I didn't work my ass off last semester, or that I dropped the ball, but I felt completely off my game anyway. Normally, after slugging through a few awkward weeks, you get into a pretty efficient law school routine each semester. You become a magical little reading machine that can easily pack away 40-60 pages a night of reading in 4-6 hours with little whining. That didn't happen for me last time. Every page of the 2,500 or so that I had to read was painful to get through, and it often took me twice as long to get through it as it should have. And what's worse, I felt less prepared by the time I got to finals than usual. And finals itself was a two-week marathon of three-days-cramming-then-one-day-testing-times-four that I would hate to repeat. I want to reclaim the zen that I sometimes felt during my first year, especially around finals. I don't actually know how I'm going to achieve this resolution, but maybe if I just keep it in mind, things will happen. Unfortunately there is no magic pill to make law school go smoothly.

Ressy 3) Try to be more positive, and think more of other people and less of myself. I actually do think these two things are related, which is why they are one resolution. I have been so focused on my own needs, and I have not nurtured any of my relationships to the extent they ought to be nurtured. Since I am so focused on myself, and since my existence has been so full of drudgery, I have felt very depressed. My solipsism should end now. Maybe by focusing more on other people, I will see that my own problems are not so great and will feel happier. This will be hard, because I have always been very self-focused anyway, but I do remember a time when I actually did care quite a bit about caring for others, even if I am not always good at showing it. I feel like I've lost touch with that, and want to try to fix it -- to remember what it is like to have meaningful connections with people.

Seems like such a depressing note to end a resolution list on, since such lists are supposed to be optimistic. But I am trying to be. I am trying to recognize that there are things that need to change, and that is the first step in actually changing. So here's to positive growth in 2011.

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