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Friday, December 2, 2011

Bad Hand

This is why I should not be allowed to hand write my exams:

I'd give myself an F if I had to grade an exam that looked like this. TGFC (Thank God For Computers).

It's finals season now. I'm probably taking my first exam tomorrow, assuming I can decipher all the chicken scratch on my notecards and put my exam taking tool together in time. Believe it or not, I am immune to my own bad handwriting most of the time and should be able to read it just fine.

I have four exams this season, and will probably be done with them in a week and a half. Most of them are unscheduled, which is why I'm playing the timing rather by ear. They are all open book and 3/4 are part multiple choice, so I am feeling pretty good about it.

The one concern is that my school is making us use some new exam software this season, and I can just envision tons of problems happening. Hopefully not to me, otherwise some poor professor is going to have to read my bad hand and my grades will suffer the consequences. :S

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Sov said...

Your writing is a curious mix of cursive and non-cursive.  I think most people tend to develop that after a while.  I don't detect any major misspellings or errors of that sort, so it's good to know you  have quality of structure in mind, even if it's not especially neat.

Sra said...

Part of the cursive-ness is that I was using a free-flowing ink pen. My pencil hand is a little less connected. I do know how to spell even if I write it like a crazed serial killer. I tend to abbreviate a lot of random words, kind of my own short hand.

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