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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two Points

(1) Yesterday one of my old longtime roommates texted me out of the blue because she and her boyfriend were driving through Portland on the way home from Canada. So I went downtown and met them for lunch. It was quite nice to chat since I haven't actually seen or really talked to this friend in maybe a couple years. Sometimes time just spins away from you as far as old friends are concerned. But it's nice when you get to reconnect with someone that you genuinely like, and have only neglected because you now live in far away places having new adventures. It was not an awkward meeting the way meetings with long-unseen people can be. Instead it was a delightful visit very much like how our interactions always used to be when we lived in the same apartment, and that makes me glad. I do love the chance to hang out with old friends who come through this town. And Portland is a very come-through-able town indeed. Mostly, though, I just wish all my old friends would move here, because I'm self-centered like that.

(2) I have been accepted to join the law review at my school for next year. I went ahead and participated in the write-on competition to try to get a staff position. I don't remember if I mentioned on this blog that I would be participating or not. Might have kept it to myself in the chance that I would be embarrassingly rejected. But, nope, they like me. So I will join their elitist ranks and have another line for my resume. I think there's a chance I might like doing it too. We'll see. At least this means I will have enough credits to drop a class next Spring semester. Huzzah!

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heidikins said...

Yay for Point #2!! So exciting!!


Sovknight said...

Congratulations!  Pardon my ignorance though, but what exactly does it mean to join a law review? 

Sra said...

That is a valid question. A law review is a scholarly journal of law. Professors and practitioners can submit the research articles they have been working on (in order to make tenure or because they just love writing papers) and the law review decides whether to publish them and then does publish them. So I would be doing cite-checking and some editing. Sometimes law review articles can have some influence in shaping the way the law goes (not often, but it happens). Sometimes they are just a helpful way to get up to speed on an area of law without having to do much ground work. The downside is that people who work on law reviews tend to be rather fond of themselves, which could make for some douchey collaboration.

B.R. said...

Having many people in my life who went through Law School, I'm cognizant of the importance of being asked to join the Law Review. Ganz gut gemacht! Good luck advancing the scholarship of law. It makes me very happy to see how well you are doing, Sra! Glueckwunsch!

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