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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The joys of summer

Summer is so lovely this year. Last summer was much less relaxing and much less engaging than this summer.

  • Last summer I was working full time (and for free -- no, scratch that, I was paying for the privilege to work because I got school credit).  This summer I am working part time for pay. 
  • Last summer I had to get up super ass early and walk 20 minutes to my bus stop (after having spent half an hour getting ready) so that I could arrive at the office before 8:30. This summer I snooze my alarm from 8:00-9:30-ish, roll out of bed, check my email for 5 minutes, then clock in to my job at home, and if for some reason I can't work in the morning, I can work at night and it makes no difference. 
  • Last summer I researched a few interesting things, like music licensing and the intersection between IP law and bankruptcy law, but most of the time my work was very tedious and boring. This summer most of my work is interesting: I get to work on copyright and trademark cases, draft actual response letters to opposing counsel, research interesting legal questions, and familiarize myself with some litigation filings. Only some of my work is mindless data entry, but even that is ok because I can listen to my music while doing it, or have TV on in the background. 
So basically I am very happy doing what I'm doing this summer. I am learning a lot of really interesting things that I actually really like learning about. I think this area of law is definitely for me. I hope I get to keep doing this through next year.

Exciting bits of news:
  • My last outstanding grade is in: A- in tech licensing
  • I have been accepted to my school's small business legal clinic for next spring
  • In 1.5 weeks Ian and I are driving up to Seattle for a Mariner's game, and my best friend Sov is flying up to join us!
  • I got tickets to see CAKE this August; haven't been this excited for a show in a long time.
Happy early solstice to y'all.

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heidikins said...

Happy Solstice!  Happy Summer!  Happy Taking It A Little Easier!  My class is done tomorrow and I can't WAIT for my summer to really start!!


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