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Friday, May 27, 2011

It pays to be a 2L

I have already received all but one of my grades. Actually, I received these grades a week ago, which was a mere week after finishing my last final. Apparently the turn-around is much quicker in the second year, because you end up taking classes with a bunch of graduating 3Ls who need their grades STAT. So I got mine stat too. Here are the results:

Ethics B
Copyright B
Business Associations B+
Constitutional Law II A
Trademarks A+
Tech Licensing awaiting

Check that out! I received my first (and probably only) A+ in a law school class. I am quite pleased with that. I feel only slightly bad for whoever had to suffer a C at the expense of my A+.

I am also very pleased with my A in Con Law. I left that test feeling like I had slayed it, so I'm glad the result mirrors my impression.

The B+ in BA is also noteworthy, because I didn't have a chance to finish that exam and worried that it would probably be a C of some kind. Shows you how much the curve matters.

Of course, I am always satisfied with Bs in any law school course, so I feel fine about Copyright and Ethics too.

Altogether it was a very good semester for me. I think the Tech Licensing paper should be good for at least a B, but I tend to do well on papers, so maybe it will turn out better. Maybe this semester will be good enough to bump me up into the top 25% at last.

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Sovknight said...

You always seem to get better grades than you anticipate.  I think it's a good thing that you're not overly optimistic about them, yet not generally pessimistic either.  You have a realistic approach that's colored ever so slightly by the unknown variable.  That's the way to be.

Just one more year, right?  It seems like it's going by so fast.

Sra said...

 It goes by real fast when you don't have to do it :)
My first semester tempered my anticipation levels because my grades were worse than anticipated. That was good because it brought my expectations down to a reasonable level. Ever since then, I tend to get mostly Bs and the occasional A, which is pretty good I think. Only one C+ to mar my record so far. The fact that I can get that C is what helps keep me focused.

Claire M. Jackson said...

This is fancy-pantsery of the first degree. Good on ya, sister!

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