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Monday, March 14, 2011

Points of interest

(1) Coffee. There is now another (sort of) late-night coffee shop in my Portland universe: Bella's Garage, a cute little coffee shop close-ish to my school (25 minute walk). It stays open until 10:PM 6 nights a week, which is not too shabby. Midnight would be better, but I will take what I can get, and this place is closer to my house and not as crowded as Ava Roasteria. Bella's happens to make a delicious chai latte -- it rivals Peet's in tastiness. As a bonus, apparently Bella's has belly dancing on Fridays, which is nice because I used to enjoy watching belly dancing at the Grecian Gardens in Salt Lake before that joint sadly close-up shop.

(2) Kindle. I broke down and got myself a Kindle. I kind of love it. I really do like the electronic ink technology that makes the screen look like paper (Ian says this is technology that has existed in PDA land for years -- but who cares? When was the last time you saw anyone using a PDA? Mid-90's, right?). The Kindle takes PDFs and TXT files just fine, and I guess if you want to load up a Word document without going through the minor inconvenience of resaving the file as a TXT, you can email the document to your Amazon account, and Amazon will deliver the doc to your Kindle reformatted in Kindle format. Pretty cool.

(3) Behind. I am ridiculously behind on my reading for school now. Luckily I have just one more week of classes until Spring Break. I'll be able to use Spring Break to catch up, even though there are other things I'd rather do. I guess this signals the beginning of the time of the semester when I'm supposed to start freaking out about how finals are almost a month away. Meh. I'm not too concerned yet, and I'd rather relish that relaxation.

(4) Friends. The making of friendships is going easier for me this semester. I have never really been good at doing the friend thing. For one thing, I am very independent and introverted, and sometimes I get exhausted by sociality, which wants much interdependence and extroversion. I have had plenty of friends in my life, but they are almost always a result of circumstance. Maybe we happened to grow up on the same street, or maybe we happened to live together in college, so we were friends because of that. Not that that should cheapen the relationship at all: I consider all those friendships true, and still think on them fondly. But to be someone's friend because you like them enough to seek them out even if circumstance does not afford the convenience is something else. Since coming to Portland, I have made basically one good friend, a handful of minor friends, and a number of acquaintances. I think things are starting to expand now so that I might be able to shift the numbers in those categories. So maybe my solipsism that I both cherish and lament is fading a bit.

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nova said...

I'm pretty sure every single blogger I read has gotten a Kindle in the past two months. I'm DYING to get one! Everyone says good things about it.

Sra said...

It's pretty cool. The problem with it is everyone wants to look at it, and then they get to see the list of potentially embarrassing things you might read. But maybe that's just my problem.

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