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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Late Night Coffee Shop Procured

I wrote recently about various things I miss about Salt Lake City, one of the most important of those being late night coffee shops. In Salt Lake, I had my pick of several regular late night joints, each staying open between midnight and 2:AM. Surprisingly, Portland is lacking in that scene; most shops here close around 7: or 8:PM. But I am pleased to report that I have located one 24 hour (!) coffee shop not horribly far from where I live (10-15 minute drive). It is technically in Beaverton, which is to Portland like Sandy is to Salt Lake.

The place is called Ava Roasteria (warning, annoying Flash site complete with unwelcome musical onslaught if you click that link). The place reminds me a lot of the love child you would have if the Salt Lake Roasting Co. and Coffee Connection got their grind on and produced a fine brew: it's got the cozy atmosphere of Coffee Connection, with arty decor, hip lighting, and similar-feeling just-this-side-of-the-tracks neighborhood, but it's got the delectable-looking cakes and other treats of Roasting Co. We have gone to Ava twice now, both times on a Friday, once after 11:PM, and tonight after 9:PM. Both times there was literally nowhere to sit, unless you wanted to brave the drizzly and not yet warm enough patio air. We may have to try going earlier in the evening, or maybe not on a Friday. But one of these days, rest assured, we shall get a seat!

What does this seatlessness tell us about coffee? People want to drink it at night! There's a market for it. With the amount of foot traffic going in there at such nightly hours, they could easily sit twice as many tables in there, I'm confident. Can you hear me, Portland? Bring the nocturnal coffee shops! If Salt Lake (land of the coffee-eschewing religious persuasion) can rock the coffee shop scene, surely Portland (supposedly having a reputation for fine coffee) can own a little of that scene too.

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Briky24 said...

I'm with you on this. Coffee shops are a must, especially the 24-hour ones. People's relationship to sleep and how much/when you get it has changed dramatically and, as a result, coffee consumption and coffee culture need to accommodate it.
Next time I'm back In Beaverton, I'll check out the new place.

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