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Friday, February 11, 2011

Things I have been told

I went to the eye doctor today and had my eyes dilated. All day I looked liked a crazy squirrel bent on hoarding some serious nuts, so wild were my eyes.  Anyway, I was told some things about myself during this exam that reminded me of other things I have been told in life. Here's a list:

1) My eye doctor told me my eyes are spaced slightly wider apart than the average person's, and I have slightly larger than normal pupils. Ian says that it's not that my eyes are farther apart than most people's; it's that my head is larger than most people's. I have to agree.

2) My dentist told me I have abnormally large saliva glands under my tongue. He wanted to know if anyone had ever told me that. Who the hell would have ever noticed?

3) My physician's assistant told me my ears are almost a little too clean, if I know what she means (and I really, really don't).

4) My very short-lived 11th grade fling told me my hair was so soft and touchable and would be perfect if only my part weren't so straight. He was the king of back-handed compliments.

5) An old boyfriend once told me I had a very elegant wristwatch, which was so very unusual for my otherwise non-elegant image. Another one of those compliments that would have been better left unsaid.

6) Another old boyfriend once told me I had the cutest stomach. (I can't imagine a time when that ever could have been said truthfully about my stomach, but it still makes me feel good to think about.)

7) An old boss once told me that my work, when she actually gets it, is practically perfect. I kind of want to feel good about that, but I can't get over the time-delay issue. She had never told me she thought I was taking too long on anything, and I wish I had known she had felt that way, because sometimes a little sacrifice in quality is worth increased timeliness. But I am not a mindreader.

8) One of my very best friends in life, before I was sure if we were even friends (because I thought she thought I was some stupid American dummkopf), once said, "Do you want to know what I really think? I think you are a very smart girl." It's one of the only times in my life when I really did feel dumb. But I'm grateful for it.

What have you been told?

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tennessee mike said...

In middle school, I was told by a girl I liked that we were "too good of friends" to go, for lack of a better word, steady. In retrospect, it's perfectly logical that two people can be great friends, and not work out at all in a relationship (or the middle school equivalent). But it was a slap in the face to me at the time; "too good of friends?! Isn't that what two people should be when thinking about 'going out' ?!"

Clearly, I'm over it...and apparently, we weren't that good of friends anyway because by high school, we had both moved on to different social circles.

Sra said...

Ooh, the gentle let-down. It's true, though, friendship and romance do not always equate, though one hopes they would coincide. Thanks for playing my little game, Mike.

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