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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Halfway, baby!

So I finished all my finals at last. I thought this semester might never end, and I can't tell you how grateful I am that it is over now. I never hated school -- and in fact always rather liked it -- until this semester. But this semester is in the past now and I can start to let all that pain go.

I won't find out about my grades for probably at least a month, which is just as well. I feel like I probably passed my sales final, which is all I want out of that class, and everything else probably went fine. (You have to qualify it with "probably" because anything can happen in law school. There is no security.) But I am officially halfway through my law school career. 'Zah!

My sleep schedule is all kinds of screwed up right now. It's presently nearly 4:AM and I'm not really tired at all. Might have something to do with the fact that I slept until 2:PM today... er, yesterday. So I need to work on getting that schedule back to normal.

I also need to work on getting some order back into my life. I straightened up my desk today for the first time in months and can actually see the surface. I used to work for an attorney who always had shit all over his desk and office floor, and I have no idea how he ever knew where anything was. Now I kind of see how that can happen, and hope I don't turn out that way. I have also completely neglected my housecleaning duties. I don't like to say it's justified, but I don't know if there's a way I could have done things any differently this semester because I was so mentally beaten from it. I hit the ground stumbling and never recovered. Here's hoping next semester goes better. It should, since I am signed up for classes I should be more interested in.

Now I also have to get down to looking for a job for next summer, which is stressful. I've found a couple firms that would be perfect if they are hiring. They are small general business firms that specialize in the artistic side of IP much more than the technological side, which is exactly what I want to have for myself some day. It would be great to get some experience in that environment while I am in law school. So I need to put together some application materials over my winter break and hope that someone out there who is a good fit is hiring. I will work for free, for god's sake. I just want a summer job. I feel like the 2L job has to be so much more important than the 1L job. I need to do something that will either be an audition to get hired after I graduate or that will be impressive enough that other firms will want to talk to me after I graduate. I wish I had a stand-in to do job searches for me, because they always weigh on me hard. Somehow things have always worked out, but what if one day they don't? It's a tough economy out there, and not even lawyers are safe from its effects.

I kind of feel homesick for Utah today, because today was my brother's 30th birthday, and it was also the birthday of one of my very dearest friends, and I really wished I could have seen them both today. If you guys are reading, I was thinking of you both today, and love you and miss you.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Dream of the 90's is Alive in Portland!

One of my law school buddies made me aware of a new series that will be coming out on IFC in January that is all about my new home town. It's called Portlandia, and if the below video is any indication, it's bound to be a riot.

[P.S., if your feed-reader is like mine, you're going to have to actually click through to play the video. Sorry.]

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The good news is...

... In an effort to make myself feel a little better about my dreaded finals, I predicted some worst-case scenario grades based on what I think could actually happen in my courses, and it looks like if I get an A, three Cs, and a D, I will still be above the GPA required to keep my scholarship. Phew!

Now, obviously I do not want to get Cs or Ds. But knowing that I can and that it will be ok makes me feel a little better. Of course, scholarship or no, I'd still have to explain such craptacular grades to a hiring attorney. So obviously, that is not what I'm shooting for, but with 3 closed book exams, and 2 of those being particularly difficult subjects, I would not be surprised to pull such atrocious grades this time around.

I have already taken one exam last Thursday. It was copyright history, and I honestly didn't know what to expect out of the exam, since it was not going to be your standard law school issue-spotter exam. After taking it, I have no idea how I did, either. All I know is the curve is set at B+ because it's a seminar course, so I decided to round down and allow myself a C in my estimation of that course. I actually think a B is not uncalled for, but I can never tell.

Monday I am taking two more exams: Entertainment and IP. The IP exam is only a 1-hour multiple choice because I have been writing papers all semester to account for the rest of my grade. Based on how those papers have been scoring, I am predicting an A in that class, although I could also see it being an A-.  For entertainment, I have spent the last two days distilling 63 pages of 10-point font notes into a 10-page skeletal outline of entertainment law principles, and I will spend tomorrow trying to commit that stuff to memory, because the exam is closed book. I am estimating a C for entertainment, but it could very well be higher. I actually have no idea what to expect since my prof does not release any past exams for practice purposes. On Monday I will wake up at the crack of 10:30 (early for me right now), have some brekky, get myself to school by 12:40, take entertainment exam from 1:00-4:00, eat lunch at the cafeteria and rest my mind, then take IP from 6:00-7:00.

The three days after that will be spent trying to learn as much about administrative law as possible. I'm worried about that class because there is a lot to it and it's closed book, but I am not so worried because it is a multiple choice exam (albeit 3 hours worth). Friday I will take that exam and just pray that the fact that about 80 people are in that class will mean that I am probably average enough to get a B (but in my estimation, I am allowing for a C).

Then I will have three more days to try to get as much of the UCC into my head as possible for my final exam in sales contracts. That's the class I am estimating a D in. In fact, if ever there was to be a class that I would fail in law school, this would probably be it. In all honesty, I would be happy with a C in sales, which is why I am estimating a D. It's not going to be a pretty exam, not at all. It is mostly what keeps me up at night.

Eleven more hellacious days to go.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

I am completely unstuck from time.

That is all for now.

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Monday, December 6, 2010


I have pulled myself from my bed at 3:15:AM (having gone to bed only 45 minutes ago), because I can't sleep. It's the stress of my upcoming finals that plagues me when I try to bed down for the night. My heart beats wildly from my anxiety of impending failure. I think of all the ground I still have to cover for all 5 of my finals, and the fact that I only now have 1 week until I take my first tests. For some reason, I can't turn it off. So instead I exhaust myself into sleep by staying up later and later. 2:AM used to be the average, but it's been creeping up to 3:AM and beyond. 4:AM is not unheard of. Then, of course, I need to make up the lost hours during the daytime (I am not one of those people who can withdraw from sleep and not pay for it; I tend to get sick with enough sleep deprivation).  Oddly enough, I can sleep very well during the day. I think it's because I know that when I wake up it will still be the same day it was when I went to sleep, so in a way it will be like I haven't lost any time. I will still have the same number of days left until my exams. When I go to bed at night, my mind tries to hold onto the present day. I am not ready to take steps forward, because it feels like I am running beside the train tracks and the train is getting away from me. As much as I dread time moving forward, I also can't wait for these finals to be done so I can well and truly rest for a few weeks before waking up again into the same bad dream.

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