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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Summer internship secured!

Today I interviewed for, was offered, and accepted a summer internship with Oregon Public Broadcasting -- the PBS of Oregon. I will be working in the very small legal department, which consists of an attorney, a paralegal, and two interns (which will include myself). I'm stoked about it.

I ultimately decided this would be a better choice than the Germany study abroad/internship gig that I had been considering earlier. That was a sweet sounding program, but the hitch was that the credits for the internship portion of that program wouldn't transfer to my school, but I would still have to pay the tuition price for it. So in effect I would have been paying thousands of dollars for the opportunity to volunteer without getting any school credit. That made me decide that if I was going to do the program, I would only do the classroom portion, since those credits would transfer. But then I wouldn't be getting any career experience, only more classroom experience, albeit in an exciting location. Altogether, it didn't seem like the best choice when all the cards were on the table.

At OPB, on the other hand, I will get the opportunity to actually do some legal research and drafting, and possibly even work with clients. Plus, it's exactly the area of law I hoped to get into when deciding to come to law school -- media/entertainment IP -- so it will be a great place to get my feet wet. Besides, staying in Portland over the summer will help me forge some local ties and add credibility to my assertion that I want to stay here for my career.

I'm really excited for the internship opportunity. It feels great to have my summer plans settled so I can fully concentrate on the rest of my very busy semester.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear Ian My Love,

It seems like only a year ago I wrote you a little love note on our third anniversary.

In fact, it was a year ago, to this very day. So that makes this our fourth anniversary together. Bizarre, isn't it? So much has happened in this last year. I visited a couple law schools and decided that we should move to Portland,  then we had a hellish experience finding an apartment in Portland, and then we actually moved to Portland. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done (even while it has been so rewarding), but I'm glad I didn't have to do it alone.  I'm glad you decided to take this adventure with me.

You are my biggest support every day. You celebrate my successes, and comfort me in my failures. You sacrificed and took great risks in coming here with me, and I appreciate you so much for that. You seem to be enjoying Portland as much as I am for your own reasons, and not just for me, and that makes me happy.

Remember when I asked you to get me a pair of socks from the dryer, and you handed me two mismatched black socks, and I lectured you about how they were not matching and would you please go get me a sock with yellow stitching along the toe, then you did one of those magician behind the ear magic tricks and pulled the matching sock out from behind my ear, and I laughed and laughed and laughed? You know me too well. And you keep me on my matching-socked toes.

I love you,

Your Sra

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Must be from the School of Plato

In 5th grade, my elementary school teacher wrote a new thoughtful quote on the board every week, and most of the time the quotes were attributed to a person called "Anonymous".  For quite awhile, I thought Anonymous must have been a very prolific Greek philosopher. To this day I am still a little bit disappointed that it wasn't.

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