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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tunnel Vision

I know things are getting down to the wire when my task list in Microsoft Entourage loses its vertical scrolling bar. I only have one non-vertically-scrolling screen of assignments left in my semester before the death of finals falls upon me. In one way it's a relief: the end, as it were, is in sight. In another way it's chaos: I don't know enough, I'm not ready, I'm going to bomb everything (or I would if I had to do it all right now).

Thinking back on my previous two semesters, I'm in the same spot I was in then, as far as how prepared I feel to attack my finals. I have been on top of my assignments, and have tried to prepare them diligently. When it comes time to condense that information and internalize the knowledge, my notes are generally enough to get me there. Of course, there is the little matter that usually my exams are open book/note, and this time most of them are not. So I have to know this stuff a little colder than I knew it for my previous classes.

Ok, that's not really true. Law exams are so time pressured, generally, that you don't have a whole lot of time to consult your notes or books, so you kind of need to know that shit cold anyway. But it takes a bit of the mental pressure off to have the safety net of open notes/books. So I don't get that luxury this time around, except in the two classes that I just so happen to be least worried about anyway.

I guess it's technically time to buckle down and engage in what the Brits call "revision".

On another note, I reworked my Spring semester schedule. I was signed up to take Evidence, but I heard such heinous things about the course as taught by the professor that I decided it would be more worth my while to sacrifice a more pleasing schedule time-wise in favor of a more pleasing schedule subject-wise. So I'm taking Trademarks instead, and I also added a class in IP licensing, which will involve hands on analysis of drafting license agreements. Those will be better suited to my interests in any case.  Evidence is a bar subject, so I will have to learn it eventually, but I find that the clarity of the law, such as it is, only becomes more clouded by classroom instruction. At least, it does for me. So I'll just BarBri that crap when the time comes. 

But my spring schedule is going to be weird in that, on Mondays, I will pretty much be at school all damn day, and then on Thursdays I will only have one class but it won't start until 8:PM. Tuesday will likewise have an evening schedule of two classes, and wednesday will switch to a day schedule of three classes. It's going to be really weird and I just might hate it. But really, I think (hope, pray) that I will like the subjects better than this semester (it won't take much), and I'd much rather bitch about how I hate the crazy time madness of my life than hating the entire substance of my daily being with a fist-shaking vengeance.

Tomorrow I am getting my second to last (or penultimate, if you prefer) paper assignment for my writing intensive IP class. We are handling copyrights now. To my surprise, the copyrights unit was much more complicated than the patents unit, so I am kind of dreading what type of analysis I will be expected to fit into 1800 words this time. Sheesh.

We are now entering our trademarks unit, which is admittedly the IP subject I knew least about beforehand, so I am kind of looking forward to seeing some new things (I swear, this class is the only reason I haven't slit my wrists already [joking, really]).

The other plus side is that now my entertainment law class has finally left behind the drudgery of contract law, regulatory law, and first amendment issues and has entered the exciting domain of copyright law, as it pertains to the entertainment industry, naturally. Blessedly, I have already read several of the cases in this area for my IP class, so my reading load for that class is going to decrease.

All in all, I am actually feeling pretty chipper -- well, relatively, I guess. A little anxious doom and gloom lingers in the background and will only grow as finals near, but I am hating things less than usual, which is nice. I have been so damn hateful this semester, and even I am getting sick of it. It's not pleasant to read about all the time, and believe me, it's even less pleasant to write about and even less so to live. But everyone's life has shit in it, right? And there's certainly more fearsome shit out there than what I have to deal with.

So, hell yeah, man. Weitergehen.

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Zac said...

I offer a general sentiment of encouragement. I enjoyed reading this post.

I dunno how much our brains work alike, but I find if I've bothered to take notes at all, the recall comes pretty easy even without notes. Though while I have a head for information itself, I have difficulty with recalling the sources of that information.

Sra said...

Tanks, Broy, for the encouragement, and for actually liking this post (I felt more like myself writing it than I have for a long time, so I actually think my voice [verbose and winding as it is] comes out better).

I actually think I remember things better if I don't write them down, generally. The process of writing something down is my signal to my brain that it can just forget everything that traveled through its synapses into my nerve endings and out my fingers on the keyboard, because it is safely written down, you see, and so I don't have to retain it on my internal hard drive, as it were. The problem is it is simply not possible to remember everything you have to remember in law school unless you write things down or are blessed with an eidetic memory. I have not the latter, so I rely on the former, alas, much chagrin, & et cetera.

This is why a month before finals I feel like I know nothing. I really know nothing. But it's all written down!

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