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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pardon me, sir, but could you please pass the muster...

In my final writing assignment of last semester, my writing professor criticized my use of the phrase "passes muster" as being a little too colloquial for a memorandum of law. Since then, I have seen the same phrase used in a law review article, a legal casebook, and a handful of U.S. Supreme Court opinions. I have also heard it used by at least 2 of my current professors in the classroom. I might also add that I have never before used the phrase in a colloquial context.  However, seeing as how my sensitivity to the phrase has heightened considerably, I may try to interject it into polite colloquial conversation with some regularity now.

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B.R. said...

"To pass muster" is a solid phrase. I would not classify it under 'colloquialism.' If anything, I'll start to use it more.

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