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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's what's for dinner

Our new BBQ grill arrived today, much to my palate's delight. When Mr.
E and I moved from Utah, we got rid of our cheap tabletop grill which
used to sit on cinder blocks just outside our apartment door. We would
get a new grill when we got to Portland, we reasoned. A better grill.
As a happy matter of happenstance, we ended up in an apartment that
has a decent patio space suitable for BBQ grilling. But we never got
around to replacing our grill, because it turns out if you want a
better grill, you have to pay for it. So far we have used our patio
only as a place to store our bikes and my potted lime tree during warm
times, and to grow a pumpkin last fall. But now we can really put the
patio to good use with our Weber Q 100 and rolling cart. The grill
itself is a fancy tabletop propane grill with cast iron grill plate,
which will be perfect to take camping if I can ever manage to have a
recreational life again. But we also purchased a rolling cart which
attaches to the grill and places it at a decent, patio-friendly
height. Tonight we had grilled chicken. Tomorrow, maybe pork loin.
Then, and I can't wait for this, steak shall be had. I have learned
that if you want a good steak, you either need to pay $50 to a high
class steak house (Lonestar does not cut it), or you need a backyard
BBQ and someone who understands seasoning. Having not been able to
afford the former, and lacking a grill until today, I have gone
without steak since about July. It is time, my friends. It is time.

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