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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I've been kind of blank lately. I think it's probably just a chronic case of brain dump following my first semester law school finals. Sometimes I think, hey, I really should write a blog post. But then I realize that I have nothing worth talking about right now.

Actually, I did write a blog post a little while ago, but I didn't post it. It's too bad, because I think it's actually a really good post. It tells a little story, and it's honest and open and free like I used to like to be. I still like to be that way, only sometimes the reality of the matter is that I can't be. My blog is not quite anonymous enough for that.

I have been having a nice three week break from school. I spent a week visiting family and friends in Salt Lake over the holiday. It was nice, but a little stressful too. Salt Lake itself has always kind of stressed me out a little, and it turns out 6 days might be too long of a visit. On the other hand, 6 days is not quite long enough to see everyone and do everything that I miss about the place. But holidays have always stressed me out more than a little bit as well, and spending them without Mister Ian (who stayed behind in Portland) made it even more stressful.

So I've been taking a vacation from my vacation for the past week and a half. Just sitting around playing Diablo II and watching The West Wing, mostly. Visited with some friends but have mostly been reclusive.

One time when we did venture out of the house to the movies, a freak snow storm blew into Portland, and by the time Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were done kicking some Satanist ass, two inches of wet snow had blanketed everything. This would have been no problem in Utah, but in Portland, people become retarded in the face of snow. What is normally a 20 minute drive home took us all of exactly 3 hours, because Portlanders simply have no idea how to drive in the snow.  It's really not that hard, either. You have to be more careful than you usually are. You have to go really slowly, and allow a lot more extra space to slow down and stop than you normally would, and you have to not floor the gas pedal when you want to drive forward, otherwise you will spin out your tires. This was exactly the problem; cars were spinning out left and right. People were stopping in the middle of the road, sometimes without even turning their hazards on, instead of pulling off to the side. People trying to go up hills (which are plentious in my neighborhood) ended up sliding all over the place and blocking off the roadway.

At one point, we were stopped at the foot of a large hill, which is really not that large absent the snow, but it was a little daunting that night. Buses and cars were strewn all over the place. Brave souls attempting to mount the hill were flooring their gas pedals and spinning out their tires while befuddled people who had already given up the chase stood next to their cars, watching dumbfoundedly. I wanted the gawkers to make themselves useful and try to help push some of the cars that were spinning out their tires, so they could either get on their way, or get out of mine, but none of the onlookers seemed to know what to do. So I resolved to do so myself. I planned to knock on the drivers' windows and explain the mechanics of accelerating on an icy surface.  I would tell them to lightly pump the gas to try to get some momentum, while I offered a push from behind. But when I stepped out of our car, my foot nearly slipped out from under me, because I had on my loafers with absolutely zero tread on the bottom, so I gave up. We eventually were able to circumvent all the stranded Portland motorists and make our way up the hill with our all weather tires and Utah winter driving skills, but by the time we got home I was three hours past hungry, and none too relaxed.

That's why we haven't been out too much since. Ian and I have designs on going downtown and procuring Doener Kababs this weekend, though. Weather permitting.

On monday, I start up classes again. That means I only have about another day of sloth before I have to start reading again. And I also have to start looking for a summer job, that I most likely won't get. But I would very much like to do something law-related this summer, even if I have to do it for free. I kind of wish I had a stand-in who would do all the things in life that I hate, like applying and interviewing for jobs (which I am terrible at), while I would do all the fun things, like go to school or actually perform at a job (which I am very good at). Le sigh.

Since this is kind of a hodge-podge of a post, I leave you with a picture of my very untidy bookshelf, which does not contain all the books that I own, but which has a fairly representative sampling of my collection.

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natabird said...

I think I would have gone insane being stuck for 3 hours on the road. That sounds awful and I'm glad you got through it. I think snow, 4 way stops, and round abouts turn otherwise decent drivers into complete morons.

Good luck with your upcoming semester.

heidikins said...

Gaaah, boo on bad snow roads/drivers. Boo, I say!

Also--I think my heart just got a little happier looking at your bookshelf.

And Lastly--holidays and family seem to never mix well...I have become a fan of the 2-hours-max-family-time-per-day idea. This year was just...too much.


miss. chief said...

I live just to the North of you right now in Victoria (on Vancouver island). You should see the idiot drivers here when it snows (which only happens like twice a year). There's only one snowplow on the entire island.

One year I was taking the bus to school and the bus slid sideways on the icy road.

P.S. I love love love looking at other people's bookshelves. Maybe I'll post a picture of mine sometime. Great idea!

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