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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chili Cocoa, E. Coli, and other things to ingest

Let me tell you about one of my current obsessions: Hot cocoa with chili powder! It's one of the most miraculous flavor combinations ever. The way it simultaneously sweetens your tongue while eliciting a delicate fiery sensation to your soft palate is such a delight! Ian started making some homemade hot cocoa from scratch using the baking cocoa he bought to make brownies from scratch (which, I might add, he flavored with orange extract -- don't I have the best househusband ever?), and he added a dash of chili powder to the top of the delicious homemade hot cocoa.  I've been hooked ever since, and I recently found a mix of "organic fair trade" chili hot cocoa mix here in Portland, so I can make some myself (not being very domestically oriented limits my propensities for coming up with such concoctions unless all I have to do is add hot milk -- that I can handle).

The chili hot cocoa is very soothing to my somewhat troubled throat that crept up on me yesterday.  Unfortunately, it does little to quiet the nausea in my stomach, which introduced itself in the middle of the night last night -- the night before my final final exam.  (I was seriously concerned this morning that I might barf during my contracts final, but I managed to make it out with no such embarrassing incident.  And, again, not counting my unhatched chickens, I think I might have slain contracts today. Booyah.)

After two hours of trying to fight the nausea that refused to allow me to sleep this afternoon, I was finally able to have a three hour nap to rest my tired body and mind (yes, that's five hours in bed -- another delight).  I still feel a wee on the vomitous side.  Maybe I ingested some of that E. coli-infected water they had here in Portland recently. (I didn't know that I had moved to Panama, and not the United States of America. Welcome to reality, I suppose.)  I'm just hoping it all works itself out before I fly out to Salt Lake on Monday. Airplanes and nausea are not a good combination.

And thus begins my three week break! I'll take a little nausea in exchange for a three-week respite from legal reading any day.

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tennessee mike said...

Sounds like you deserve the break! Have a great trip, and here's hoping you feel better. :)

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