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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Notes from the road

1) Idaho is the smelliest state ever!

2) Tips for moving:
   a) if you are shredding personal documents before packing up your belongings for a move, save the shreddings to use as packing material.
   b) boxes are free if you freeload them from your office or friends who have recently moved.
   c) professional movers are expensive, but worth the money when you consider all the time and physical pain they save you.

3) Never leave your lime tree in your hot car for a few hours on the reasoning that it's a citrus tree, and hey -- they like the heat! The leaves will cook, leaving a delightful smell of lime in your car, but diminishing your chances of harvesting your first lime any time this year. Sigh.

4) Given the choice between having cruise control or having air conditioning in my car, I think I'd choose cruise control. Luckily, that is how my car is arranged.

5) I'm nervous!

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miss. chief said...

that shredded document tip is a good one!

Trovan said...

1) Try the turkey farm country of central Utah. It makes Idaho smell like roses.

2) Tips for moving: Don't.

3) Lime tree, very pretty...mumble...

4) Ditch that clunker and get a nice American made Volvo or Subaru.

5) I've got nothing for this one. Good luck.

FrankandMary said...

Take it from an Italian. Lime trees are more hearty then they look...not all hope is lost. You are doing the best you can. Moving is a major stressor. ~Mary

miss. chief said...

that shredded document tip is a good one!

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