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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bicycle! Bicycle!

Well, it's the end of day 2 of law school, and my second day of bike commuting.

I've had a few misadventures as far as the bicycling goes. First off, I can handle the ride to school loaded down with books ok. It's hard, and I'm all sweaty when I get there, but I have a nice spacious locker reserved for bike commuters, and I change from my spandex power suit into clothes, and that helps me cool down. Tomorrow I'm actually going to shower on campus. Generally, I feel that a little sweat never hurt anyone, and I'm not a particularly smelly person. Plus, it's like free hair product. So I haven't showered at school yet. But tomorrow is the big day. Pray for me.

As for the ride home, it really really sucks. It's very uphill, and I can't do the whole thing loaded with books without walking part of the way. I know, because I had to do it on Monday when I missed the shuttle home. I got out of my class at 7:50:PM, changed into my bike gear and prepared my bike, then watched the shuttle pull away just as I turned the corner with my bike. Then I sat at the stop, thinking the shuttle made a regular stop, but after 15 minutes I consulted the shuttle schedule only to find that another shuttle wasn't due for an hour. Ach, du meine Scheisse! I exclaimed. So I begrudgingly took the very uphill ride home with my heavy books under the fall of post-twilight, pre-darkness. It was ok, I made it, but I really hope not to have to ride home very often, because really, it's a bitch, after a long day of mental fatigue and already a morning exercise behind me.

Then today, I decided I wasn't going to miss the shuttle. After classes, I put in a few hours of study while hanging around on campus to hear the Dean's welcome speech. It was a nice speech. When it ended at 6, I once again suited up, and rushed to make the 6:ish shuttle, which I thought would make a stop near my house on its way downtown. Turns out I was mistaken, and it's the 7:00 shuttle and later than stops near my house. Shuttles before then go directly downtown, which is even farther a ride, and much more uphill than school. Scheissemelone! I exclaimed.

Luckily, I noticed that the first stop downtown was on the 12 line, which Ian and I had previously figured out is a bus line that we can take from our house to downtown, so naturally it must go from downtown to my house. I boarded that bus and took it to the Safeway a few blocks from my house, and finally arrived home at nearly 7. Still before the time I would have gotten home had I boarded the proper shuttle, but at least if I had boarded the proper shuttle, I could have spent the interim time reading. Oh well, I'm read up for tomorrow anyway. Now I have to prepare for Thursday.

School is very good so far. It's a lot of work, but I'm not really freaking out about it yet. Today one of my classes staged a trial in which I got to act as a judge, and that was pretty fun. I also read a hypothetical situation that I anticipate having to write a memorandum for in my writing class, and I spent some time sketching out some arguments for either side of the issue. It got me pretty excited, to tell you the truth. I never thought I would be interested in litigation, but the trial side, and argument is actually looking interesting to me now. You have to be very analytical in law, and that suits me well. I still am a bit afraid of the time I will inevitably be called on in class, and will naturally sound much less eloquent than everyone else who's already been called upon. I tend to sound very informal when I don't really know what I'm talking about. But then, maybe all those people who sound really formal are just using big words to mask the fact that they don't know what they're talking about. Either way, my day will come, and so, too, will come the day that a professor makes me cry. I'm just counting on it.

No, actually, all my professors seem very reasonable and supportive, and not at all scary so far. I can tell some of them are tough, but fair, and those are usually the best kinds of instructors. But emotional showers are still a possibility in the forecast.

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heidikins said...

Huzzah for biking! Boo on lame shuttles! And much thanks for all the German swears, loved it!


[sbg] said...

Another huzzah for biking! I also bike to school. It makes me feel so...

...much better than everyone else.

[sbg] said...

Another huzzah for biking! I also bike to school. It makes me feel so...

...much better than everyone else.

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