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Friday, May 29, 2009

Bee Right Back

It's finally gotten to that time of year where I can't safely open my window at work without a bee coming into my office. There's a bee floating around my head right now, as a matter of fact. I just have to get his dumb ass back down to the window so I can shew him out. They get so distracted by bright lights and shiny brass fixtures that they can't figure out where the real sun is. And they have this instinct to always look upward for an exit. Well, mister dumb-ass bee, the opened part of the window is at the bottom, you know, where you came in.

I'm not really afraid of bees, per se, but I do get anxious around these bees near my office, because they are very aggressive. I suspect they might be africanized. I used to enjoy taking my lunch out on the back patio, but I literally got chased away from my food by these mean bees too many times. It's a shame because the patio is so nice and shady, and I enjoy sitting out there with my sandwich and a good book. But if you don't eat your food very quickly, pretty soon an evil buzzing minion shows up to claim your sandwich for the hive. And they don't take no for an answer. It's quite frustrating, actually. So I took to eating inside once we get too close to summer and the bees start trolling about. Before then it's usually too chilly to sit outside anyway.

But now I can't even open my windows without being bothered. If it were, say, a sweet little bumble bee, or a regular gentle honey bee, I'd just let it wander about the office until it came close enough to the window, then I'd guide it out, and it would be grateful and not angry. But these africanized types fly around like mental maniacs, buzzing erratically around the room, bumping into shiny light fixtures and ricocheting down into my territory, which it very well could decide is its territory and chase me away. That's ok today, I guess. I do have a lot of filing to do downstairs. But I don't like being bullied by something a thousand times smaller than me.

I suppose I'll just go do my filing and hope that it either finds the window or someone else's office while I'm gone.

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sov said...

I made a new bee friend just yesterday at a job, and it made me think of you. I was wondering when you would remark about bees in your office, and it turns out I was quite prophetic in my imaginings.

My bee flew away after a few seconds. Did yours stay for a while, or did you get him to leave?

I meet lots of interesting insects in my job now. There was one on a window this morning that I never figured out what it was. Most of them meet their demise at my soapy mop, but some get away. It's been educational.

Zac said...

A few days ago, I opened the door to let a hornet out. I think it went, but at the same time a huge bumblebee flies in, buzzes around Miles-ish-boy's nose, then flies out again.

Sra said...

I went to the file room for about an hour, and when I came back I thought maybe the bee had left, so I closed the window. Then I heard a buzzing near an upper window in the raised portion of my ceiling. I presume the bee fizzled and died in the window. Serves him right, as a mean old africanized bee.

Bumblebees are very friendly, however. I would lament the dumb thing's death if it were a bumblebee.

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