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Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolution 2: HealthQuest2009

So I didn't exactly achieve the results I hoped to achieve with HealthQuest2008. I don't actually weigh any less, and I haven't been able to downgrade into those size 8 pants folded in my dresser drawer yet, but I'm not going to call 2008 a loss. On the contrary, I did make quite a bit of progress.

For one thing, I scaled Mt. Olympus, a 4,000 ft climb in elevation over 3.5 miles, and I took many other amazing hikes in preparation for that feat. I will continue my hiking endeavors in 2009, and this year's goal peak is going to be Mt. Timpanogos.

I also made quite a bit of progress in building muscle mass in my body last year. Hiking and cycling helped me build some rock hard calves and strong thigh muscles, but most impressive are my biceps/triceps, which I built with the help of some killer yoga classes. Ok, so the muscles themselves aren't anything impressive, but the fact that you can actually feel them underneath my fleshy upper arms is impressive, considering that you wouldn't have known I even had any arm muscles last January.

So all things considered, I am in a much better position to attain my goals this year than last year. But an important difference this year is that instead of just focusing on making changes in my body, I am also focusing on the psychic rewards that come from engaging in physical activity that I really enjoy. I have learned that there is a mind-body connection, and the benefits of physical activity to your mind are just as valuable as the benefits to your body.

This year my office is doing a Biggest Loser competition, starting with our first weigh-in on Monday the 5th, and going to our final weigh-in at the end of March. I fully intend to win this year. I haven't stepped on a scale since Thanksgiving, and I have a hunch that Monday's weigh-in is not going to be pretty. (I blame the Christmas fudge.) But I am beginning my twice weekly cycling class at the U on January 13, and I also plan to enroll in my usual once weekly yoga class that same week. From then on out, I will be heavily exercising at least 3 days a week, but since exercise can become addictive, I wouldn't be surprised if I felt inclined to engage in further physical activity as well.

In the meantime, I am weaning myself off the remaining sugar in my household in preparation for another sugar embargo. Since I'll be trying to save money this year, I expect that Ian and I will cook more meals at home, which generally lends itself to healthier eating. I may even make it a goal to try out new recipes. Well, ok, for me almost all recipes are new. Thank god Ian can cook.

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B.R. said...

I measure measure in health and overall productivity. Having a support system when attempting to get healthy is crucial to success. And research backs this up, too.

Personally, I have to work out daily because otherwise I cannot do my work. And I agree with you. Exercise is addictive but it's also indispensable to not only health but also efficiency. Also, having time set aside for yourself is good therapy. We all deserve the be the best versions of ourselves, on every level.
'Agito ergo sum' ..., I buy that. And the 'text' of fitness is so much more that the mere act of going to a gym or doing sports.

Have fun in the process! Thx for the post.

B.R. said...

And since I apparently wrote the comment while thinking about my dinner, let me rectify the 'Fehler', a bit.

'I measure fitness ...'
'We all deserve to be the best version....'

Dena said...

I'm on the other side of the fence. While most people are trying to lose weight, I'm trying to gain weight! But I agree with you that there is a mind/body connection in terms of activity and happiness. I'd love to go on nature trails and hikes, but Florida just has too many man-eating critters. I'm sticking to my bike for now.

Good luck!

jess said...

what kind of recipes do you want? i have a good one for roasted tomato soup. i'm 90 percent certain you could omit the butter altogether and it would still taste as good...

Natalie said...

i am with you on the losing weight thing. america hasn't been good to me as far as that goes. the food is just too good! that and the holidays are always hard! i am cutting back and scaling down in the food area starting on wednesday. we have company until then so i don't want to start only to fail before i really have a chance to succeed!

sovknight said...

Gonna gain back some weight here. Not yucky fat though. Good, solid muscle. And I want my sexy abs back too.

As far as resolutions go, they are as follows:

1. Get job.
2. Get laid.

Sra said...

B.R.: I admire that you work out every day. Maybe I will get to that point eventually.

Dena: Would that I had your problem! The other secretary at my office is the same way. When we do the Biggest Loser competitions, her task is actually to GAIN weight. Seriously.

Jess: I would love your tomato soup recipe! I was thinking a few weeks ago that I'd love to make some homemade tomato soup and freeze some for quick lunches at work.

Natalie: Not only is there a lot of delicious food in America, but the culture of eating is very strong here. It's difficult to manage it!

Sov: I have some weight for you if you want it. I think we can get you laid. We just have to get you in the right venue.

Nilsa said...

I love this post. Your focus on lifestyle is way more important than each pound lost. Because if you're happy in your lifestyle, you're likely to keep it for a long time to come. Looking forward to hearing about your progress!

Claire said...

Good on ya, lady. Sounds like you've got a plan and are going to achieve some serious but reasonable goals this year. Mens sana in corpore sano, and all that.

As for me, my goal to force me to continue my Tour de Farce and now, Wii Fit craziness is to tie the money I would normally set aside for my "free day" and put it toward laser treatments. Electrolysis just isn't clearing the landscape fast enough, and if I don't eat out once a week, I'll be helping my diet while moving forward with my transition. Of course, I will be horribly grumpy and frazzled from being cooked with lasers, but it'll be worth it. Somehow.

Sra said...

Nilsa: Thanks. It's best to have a positive attitude, methinks, and focusing on each pound is not particularly good for your self esteem. In fact, for many years I never weighed myself for this very reason, and I actually had the best body image back then.

Claire: I would like to join the Wii Fit frenzy. Need to find one first. I like your approach to the laser treatments. It's win-win. I have a transitioning friend who's had great results with laser treatments. Now you'd never know she used to have serious stubble. Good luck!

B.R. said...

And since I apparently wrote the comment while thinking about my dinner, let me rectify the 'Fehler', a bit.

'I measure fitness ...'
'We all deserve to be the best version....'

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