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Monday, January 26, 2009

Dreams of Law School, and Commenting thereon

I had a strange dream last night. I had decided to attend UC Davis law next fall, but upon talking with the dean of admissions, I learned that after your first year you have to go through a retention interview during which the school decides if they still want to keep you as a student. I was upset by this because it meant I would have to send out transfer applications next fall just to make sure I would be able to continue my legal education the following year, in the chance that I bombed my interview. And I'm terrible with interviews, so I was sure I would bomb it. Then my alarm went off, and I was moist with sweat and sorrowful that it looked like Davis would be out of the picture. Now that I'm fully awake, I can see how ridiculous that scenario would be. I guess I just can't wait for all the decisions to be over.

I'm very pleased with the offers of acceptance I've received so far. Of my choices, I am actually leaning toward Davis. But, I got a very enticing scholarship offer from Pacific McGeorge. They would give me $20,000 per year, plus my first year law books for free. That's before any FAFSA money, too, so my education at McGeorge would be practically free in the grand scheme of things. Man, that's enticing. But McGeorge was basically my safety school. It's the lowest ranked school I applied to, and you have to consider the fact that the higher reputation your school, the better your job market after graduation. So I have to consider that along with the financial offers. I don't have all the financial offers on the table yet, either, so I can't really predict what will happen.

I check the Berkeley application status about three times daily, but there's never a change. My friend Whit-Face sent me a postcard from Hawaii with a picture of a UC Berkeley building on it. I remember seeing the building during my trip to the campus last fall. She said she wanted to send the cosmic acceptance energy my way. I can see the results on that one going either way, but maybe the cosmic rays will tip in my favor now :) I appreciate the thought, anyway.

In other news, you may have noticed that I changed my comment system. I had a handful of people complaining that they couldn't comment at all, or that their comments got eaten frequently. I think it was an incompatibility issue between Firefox 3 and the Javascript running the previous comment system. Now that I've changed it I think there should be no more problems with commenting. It's not as pretty a system, but you can't always strike a good balance between form and function, unfortunately.

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B.R. said...

You have a tough decision to make. I wouldn't completely discount the Pacific McGeorge offer. True, Pacific McGeorge is not Berkeley and one's alma mater does matter. However, when you are in the work force what will matter primarily will be your post-school contributions to the profession.

I got my MA from a well-known private university whereas my PhD from a State university. I have colleagues who got their PhD's from both Ivy L. and non-Ivy L. schools. What matters fundamentally is what you do with the degree you earn whether you go small private, State, or Ivy L. The process is the same for all. Yes, it might be a bit tougher to get placed where you might want to get placed right away, but I wouldn't 'not' consider places that offer a solid package. Getting a JD sans or with little debt sounds pretty good and smart to me.
Congratulations on having done so well with the apps.! Best of luck with the decision. I'm certain it will be well-informed and careful.

Sra said...

Yeah. I definitely haven't ruled McGeorge out. That offer is too good to ignore. And it's still a top 100 school. Plenty of people would be thrilled to get in to a top 100. I know some attorneys that ended up financing their school debt over 30 years -- like a mortgage! To avoid that would be good. It would mean I would have more freedom.

There's still a waiting game to play before any decisions are made. I need all my offers on the table first. The whole thing is making me anxious, and I can't wait for it to be fall already.

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