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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Conference on Free Culture

I've signed up to attend the 2008 Free Culture Conference in Berkeley, CA from Oct. 11-12. The conference will explore topics related to the tension between Copyright and other IP laws and free cultural exchange.

This is a great opportunity for me, because this very subject has highly influenced my decision to go to law school. It's also great because the conference is taking place at UC Berkeley, my top choice of law school. In addition, Berkeley law professor Pamela Samuelson is one of the keynote speakers. I recognized her name from a paper of hers that I read called Preliminary Thoughts on Copyright Reform. Also speaking is Lawrence Lessig, a Stanford Law professor and author of a very interesting book that I'm currently reading called The Future of Ideas. I'm excited for the opportunity to hear these people speak.

So I'm flying in a day early so that I can arrange a tour of the UC Berkeley law school facilities and introduce myself to the admissions office. I'd also like to explore the town and get a feel for what life might be like living in Berkeley, just in case I get accepted.

My GPA and LSAT numbers lie right on the median of Berkeley's accepted applicants, so at this point I could be accepted or rejected based on those numbers without positively or negatively affecting Berkeley's stats. So my surface chances of actually getting accepted here are probably 50/50. But maybe with a little networking and a polite informal interview with the admissions office (and of course with a killer personal statement), I might be able to make a favorable impression that could tip the scales in my favor.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to this little scholastic vacation.

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The Over-Thinker said...

In my next life, I hope to go to Berkley. No joke. I swear, I've such a romanticized idea of that school that I would be entirely let down if I ever visited.

On that note, please get in so I can visit you :)

The conference topics:
* creativity and innovation;
* communication and free expression;
* public access to knowledge;
* and citizens' civil liberties.

...sound like Bunsnip in a nutshell. I'll look forward to the re-cap!

heidikin said...

I love the Bay Area, based on that alone I hope you get accepted to Berkley. :o)

Also, I really enjoyed "The Future of Ideas". Very interesting stuff.


Trovan said...

I would be very interested to learn more about the issues surrounding copyright law.

Like how to balance free exchange and sufficient impetus to innovate or invent.

To go to Berkley don't you have to have a beard, a pony tail, wear Birkenstocks, and have patches sewn into the elbows of your tweed jacket?

jess said...

i have a secret crush on UC berkeley. the entire campus.

Sra said...

I'd wear a tweed jacket with elbow patches and Birkenstocks if it would get me into Berkeley. Not sure how well I could grow a beard, though ;)

Sra said...

I'd wear a tweed jacket with elbow patches and Birkenstocks if it would get me into Berkeley. Not sure how well I could grow a beard, though ;)

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