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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hair Pi

I'd like to subject you to share with you a little poem I wrote when I was in the 5th grade:

Hair is very good to have.
It grows from birth to death.
And I really, truly have to add
that your hair can become quite a mess.
But if you did not have your hair
some bugs would come and bite you there
and then your head would swell up fast
and you'd wish you had some hair to last.
(What a precious little 11 year old I was.)

Somehow, this poem has managed to remain in my mental vault of useless memorizations, information, and trivia, much like the following digits of pi:
which I memorized during 8th grade pre-algebra by staring at the pi banner that wrapped around the classroom after finishing my tests early.

Sometimes I wish I could tell my brain which pieces of information to retain and which to throw out, so I could forget about that stupid poem, and pi, and all the times I made a public fool of myself, and all the times my heart shattered. But then again, if Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is any indicator, maybe it's best for us not to have executive decision making rights regarding our memories. Probably so. Besides, what makes an identity if not a mind?

Stephen Hawking has done just fine with not much else than a mind. In fact, sometimes I wonder how much of his brilliance stems from the fact that his mind is trapped inside a cage of a body. His mind may be trapped, but his mental capacity is perhaps freer than yours or mine ever will be. Maybe if we could sink into our thoughts and ignore the physical world more often more of us would be brilliant too.

Anyway, all I really wanted to talk about is hair, and specifically body hair and how much I hate it and wish it would just fall out. Cause I was shaving my legs (which I do every three weeks or so, you'll be happy to know), and I once again managed to nick the sensitive little pit beneath my knee, which is apparently the home of a major artery. And watching the pink water spiral down the drain, that poem came into my head and I thought about how naive I was at 11 years old.

Not all hair is very good to have.

Now that that lesson has been learned, I wonder what bits of naivete about myself I'll be pointing out another 10-15 years down the road.

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Sov said...

Very cute poem, although the meter is a little off. Was than an assignment of some kind?

When it comes to body hair, sometimes it's good to be a guy. Especially like me, where body hair is minimal.

Stephen Hawking does all of his equations in his head. IN HIS HEAD! High-order mathematics with funny little symbols and everything! I have more respect for him than just about anybody else on the planet.

Claire said...

I liked your poem about hair
Have you perhaps considered Nair?
It takes the hair off without shaving
The drawback? Smells like asphalt paving.

I think my classroom had that crazy Pi poster too, by the by. My math teachers were from the "Pi r square? I thought Pi are round, yuk, yuk, yuk!" school of comedy, but I've always loved Pi anyway. Mmm...pi.

Our minds are who we are...the rest is just meat and chemicals (plus the divine spark if you go in for that sort of thing).

Oh, and I made the blogroll? Color me flattered, sister! :)

Karen said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that crazy train of thought you had there.

natabird said...

When I'm rich, I'm going to get laser hair removal. Shaving sucks rocks.

Sra said...

Sov: It was an assignment indeed. I wasn't much the type to sit around under trees writing lame rhyming poetry with bad meter of my own accord in my youth. On Hawking, I guess if you didn't have the ability to work stuff out of paper, you might do more things in your head too. What gets me about Hawking is how clearly he is able to explain concepts. That's the best sign that someone actually knows what they're talking about.

Claire: You don't even have to think about it to spew forth rhyme, do you? I think Nair smells like rotting cucumbers of death. I put every blog that I read regularly on the blog roll. Sometimes it just takes me awhile to put them up there cause I'm not a very good web-mastress. But I actually have you slated for part of the Must-Read Blog series -- that's the real honor. That'll be soon, I'll let you know.

Karen: Thanks! That type of thinking happens much more often than I should admit.

Natabird: Me too! That's the first line of business once the lawyerly payroll starts coming in.

Claire said...

Yeah, I'm pretty rhyme-y. Blame years of playing "The Game" with my family. No, nothing involving Michael Douglas...we just liked to rhyme off each others' sentences and see how long we could go before someone (usually Dad, the poor thing) "broke the chain."

What? Addition to the Must-Read Blog list may just be the thing that makes my year! Sweet!

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