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Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Thursday: RSL and Fireworks

Our holiday weekend started out with our 3rd annual 4th of July weekend tradition: watching Real Salt Lake getting their asses whooped managing to pull off a tie (0-0) at Rice Eccles Stadium. Actually RSL played a pretty good game against the Houston Dynamo this year.

It was a rather exciting game in which RSL took many good but ultimately fruitless shots on goal, and as a bonus, they uncharacteristically looked like they actually knew how to play as a team on the field. Unfortunately, much of the excitement of the game was caused by the absolutely ridiculous refereeing. The ref made plenty of bad-calls and non-calls, which spurred plenty of you-suck calls and get-your-head-out-of-your-ass calls from the audience.

Zac, Ian, and I had our usual cheap seats in the KFC Colonel's Corner, which only cost $14 a piece. (I can't wait to see how much the "cheap" seats cost next year at the new stadium.) Although it's much more comfortable to sit in the $28 plastic seats, there's really no bad seat at Ricicles, so long as you bring a blanket to cushion your ass on the cold, hard aluminum bleachers. Naturally, we forgot our blankets this year.

Following the game, we were subjected to treated to the same exact fireworks display as the past two years, complete with the same nauseating patriotic soundtrack. This was the first of three instances this weekend in which my grammatical sensitivity was assailed by that retched anthem God Bless the USA. You know, it's the one that goes like this:

And I'm proud to be an American, where our song lyrics completely ignore the fact that relative pronouns are supposed to agree with their antecedents.

Or something along those lines.

Friday: More Fireworks at Sugarhouse Park

On Friday, we enjoyed a slightly more exhilarating fireworks display at Sugarhouse Park. Even though this one was better than RSL's, I find that I tend to get slightly bored in the middle of most fireworks displays, and this one was no exception. It started out well, and the finale was pretty pleasing, but the middle 15 minutes or so contained very few surprises and ooh-ahh moments, and I found myself drifting off into that special place your mind goes to when you're watching Reality TV.

We finished off the night by spending 30-40 minutes trying to leave the parking lot, and 30-40 more minutes crawling along a length of road between the park and my apartment that usually only takes 10 minutes to traverse. Oh the joy of mass gatherings.

Luckily, we had my new Kid Theodore album to listen to. If you missed the show at Kilby on Wednesday, try to check them out at the Urban Lounge August 5th, or the Farmer's Market at Pioneer Park October 4th. You really won't be sorry. Look, they use an upright bass and everything:

How can you go wrong with that?

Saturday: Bees Baseball and Fireworks

On Saturday Ian, Sov, and I attended the AA baseball game of the Salt Lake Bees vs. the Tucson Sidewinders. The Sidewinders had the first at bat, and on the third pitch -- the first swing of the game -- the Sidewinders scored a home run. And it was all downhill for the Bees after that, as we ended up losing 6-0. In short, it was quite possibly the worst Bees baseball game I've ever sat through.

But the disappointment of the game was allayed by our third and final fireworks display of the weekend. Surprisingly, this one was the best of the three, even though the Sugarhouse fireworks are supposed to be the bees knees of fireworks displays. It was short, but thrilling. Larry H. Miller may hate gay cowboys, but he sure puts on a sparkling and shimmering razzle-dazzle pyrotechnic affair.

Kudos, Larry H.

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heidikins said...

Haha, thank you for the Larry H. comment, classic. :o)

Happy 4th.


Trovan said...

I can't stand to watch Americans play Soccer. It's just sad.
And I can't stand to watch Baseball at all.

Happy Independence Day!

Claire said...

Anyone who shares my hatred of Lee Greenwood and his grammar-destroying, soul-crushingly banal "tribute" to America has my undying love and devotion.

Only "Baby I'm-a Want You" fires my Wrath Furnace to higher temperatures.

"Baby I'm-a want you...
Baby I'm-a need you...
Baby I'm-a too lazy to write lyrics that scan"


Happy Independence Day to you, though, sister!

Sra said...

Yikes! Luckily, I have never heard that atrocious song.

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