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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who you calling "lady"?

Out of curiosity, I did a Google search for "Bunsnip" to see what came up. I was happy to see that was on top (I love being on top... ok, actually that's a lie... cause I'm lazy... you know). After that was my page at, followed by Technorati searches, and a few places where I've left my mark around the web.

But then down at the bottom of the first page there was a link accompanied by the following preview content:

On a side note, one of the blogs I was hoping to check out last Friday was Bunsnip. That stupid crazy lady stopped me from finding out how the 2008 fitness ...

But the link was to my MySpace account, so there's no way for me to know the end of that sentence, or who wrote it. And I'm dying to know who called me a stupid crazy lady. The funny thing about that is that I object mostly to the word "lady". Call me stupid, or call me crazy, go ahead, I don't mind, but "lady" makes me sound so old and frumpy. And I'm 25, and not frumpy at all (at least in my mind)!

If this sentence belongs to you, then I have this to say to you:

Who you calling "lady"? Chump!

(After which I say thank you for caring enough about my blog to write a sentence about it in the ether.)

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Natalie said...

i totally get what you are saying. here in turkey there is a word...teyze...pronounced tay-zay. it basically means mother's sister or aunt. kids and young people here use it as a sign of respect for people they don't know who are older than them. i hate when people call me teyze! because that is what they call old ladies! i'm not an old lady! they also use the word abla which means older sister. i would much rather be called abla than teyze any day. and i am 38...

Claire said...

Really? You don't like "lady?" I mean, sure, it has certain connotations, but when I think "old," I think "bat" or "bag" or "harridan," not "lady."

Then again, my friends and I greet each other with "lady" (well, okay, the women do) and we mean it affectionately.

Although, now that you mention it, when I'm upset or angry, I'm MUCH more likely to address the female targets of my ire as "lady,' e.g. "Listen, lady, you're just gonna have to let go of this bag, because I saw it first."

Any thoughts on "sister?", as used during certain comedies of the early-to-mid twentieth century? I'm a big fan of 40's slang, and I would say I address others as "sister" in that sense at least five times a day.

Ben Sloan said...

I'm always afraid to call someone "Lady" at work, but when they're old it's kind of my reflex. I'll often stop myself just quick enough to change it to "Woman". "Hey John, this la-woman wants to know where the blow up dolls are."

The problem is I think some women hate the term "woman". Depending on how it's used, it almost sounds like calling someone "boy".

Oh well.

Sra said...

Lady's nowhere near as bad as ma'am, though. I HATE being called ma'am. Listen up, fellas (is it ok if I call you that?), when addressing a woman, call her Miss, never Ma'am, no matter her age. At least that is my feeling on the matter. What do you other ladies (ahhh!) say?

So here's the thing, I think the acceptability of a lot of these terms depends on the relationship between the person saying it and the person receiving it. I have called girl friends of mine "lady" before, but I wouldn't say it to someone who wasn't a friend, and who wasn't a peer.

I guess I think a lot of terms of address are a way of bridging the divide between different age groups or generations with respect. But what ends up happening is that the difference is spelled out, and I think that's what bothers me.

(And since I don't know who the writer of the sentence was, I can only assume it was some 18 year old who thinks 25 year olds are SO OLD! I know I did when I was that age.)

Oh, P.S., I don't think I've ever called someone sister. (But is that sister or sista?) But I think I'd be ok with it. It's a term among equals, you know?

Trovan said...

I always kind of thought of 'lady' as a higher class name for a 'woman'. Like a lady has a little more refinement and education. She doesn't fart in public (or at least she doesn't claim it). Just like a gentleman doesn't scratch himself in public. I never associate age with it at all.

Melliferous Pants said...

I don't mind "lady" but I hate "ma'am."

The Over-Thinker said...

I prefer "Your Highness" or maybe "Sweet Ass" Ya know, when I'm looking to set the female sex back about 60 years.

Sra said...

Hmm, I think there's a difference between being called a lady and being addressed as a lady. Like if someone is describing a woman thusly: "Sra is a very sophisticated lady," that's different from someone saying, "Hey lady, don't forget your purse." I think the former is ok, but I don't like when "lady" replaces my name or the word "Miss", or just plain old, "Excuse me".

The Over-Thinker said...

I prefer "Your Highness" or maybe "Sweet Ass" Ya know, when I'm looking to set the female sex back about 60 years.

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