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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Successful Weekend

We had a great weekend full of many fun and exciting activities.

On Friday, Ian and I had my favorite pizza in Utah at The Italian Village (900 E. & about 5200 S.). I like to think of The Italian Village as an Italian Dee's, and when you dine in, you definitely get that feeling from the atmosphere, but unlike Dee's the food is really good. (For the record, my favorite pizza in America is Mr. T's in San Diego, and my favorite pizza in the world is a little pizza parlor in Kiel, Germany whose name I have forgotten.)

Then we went to see Iron Man, and I was surprised to find it completely enjoyable. I think of all superhero movies, this is my second favorite behind Christian Bale's Batman. I think Robert Downey Jr. plays the role perfectly, and the things the movie does right far outweigh the inconsistencies and unlikelihoods in the plot. For one thing, I appreciate that this movie concentrated foremost on creating a good story instead of focusing solely on creating great special effects (although they accomplished that too). I also appreciate that they maintained sexual tension between Stark and Potts instead of resolving it. That's even more delicious.

On Saturday, Ian and I got up early (for a Saturday) and picked up my friend K-T in Sandy and together we all hiked the Mt. Timpanogos Cave trail. I haven't hiked that one since the summer after my senior year of high school, and I remember having to rest A LOT back then. But this time, I feel like we handled the hike well. The cave was longer than I remembered it, or maybe our tour guide was just excessively long-winded. She kept saying things like "Many changes have happened to this cave, some natural, and some man-made, and they are either good or bad depending on your perspective." She said that about 5-8 times. I'm not even sure it was worth saying once. Anyway, it's a lovely hike that I'm glad I had a chance to do again.

Then Saturday evening, my brother Zac came up to our place for a barbecue of skewered bbq pork kabobs, which were quite tasty (pig is the tastiest of all animals in my estimation), and then we all walked up to the stadium to catch Real Salt Lake's game against the San Jose Earthquakes. And get this -- WE WON, 3-1!! RSL doesn't win very often, so it's always a nice surprise when they do. It was a great game with lots of exciting action on the field.

We finished off the night back at our apartment where we tried to remember how to play a very complicated but fun game called St. Petersburg. It's by the same makers of the popular Settlers of Catan. The problem is that the instructions are very poorly translated from German. If only they had given us the German instructions, I would have been able to handle it, but reading bad English translation is like trying to read Middle English -- you recognize the words but have a difficult time connecting the meaning. After going through two botched games, we finally figured out which rules we had forgotten, and I vowed to write them down in actual English, but haven't done so yet, and I fear I will forget and we will have to go through this charade next time.

Then today, I walked down to Starbucks and took another practice LSAT. The test is two weeks from tomorrow, and I am feeling very adequately prepared, as evidenced by my score of 172 today! It would be great if I could score that on the actual test, but I decided from the beginning that I would be happy with a 165, because that is the minimum that I feel will make me an acceptable candidate for Berkeley. If I scored in the 170's though, I think I would be a GOOD candidate for Berkeley. So I'm just going to give it my all and hope for the best. In any case, I feel proud of my progress over the past 8 months of preparation.

I'll keep everyone posted.

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Sov said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend. What time were you at the Italian Village on Friday? Erin and I were there that night too. We had a fun day touring million-dollar houses down around Alpine. We must have missed you if you were there late evening.

Sra said...

No we eat dinner right after I get off work generally - around 6:00. Parade of Homes? I used to enjoy going to that with my mom. Back then those homes were completely fantastical and unrealistic, but these days it seems like those are the only types of homes anyone builds, and I can't understand how anyone can afford them, so it sort of makes me sick to see them.

The Over-Thinker said...

I love it when weekends are packed doing FUN things like eating pizza and going to a movie. The hiking is not normally something I would consider Fun with a capital F (maybe with a lowercase f), but that redundant tour guide would give me something to laugh at, nonetheless.

After reading your thoughts on Iron Man, I think I'd actually like to see it; however, if you end up liking the new HULK franchise, I may have to end our bloggity-friendship. :)

Sra said...

Ha ha, we'll see. I didn't bother to watch the first Hulk remake because it got terrible reviews. The new Hulk isn't top of my priority list (that would go to Dark Knight & X-Files (!!!)), but I might end up giving it a fair chance.

Hiking is one of those things that I kind of hate while I'm doing it, but once I'm at the top I feel so accomplished that it's worth it.

Sov said...

Parade of homes, yes. I agree that many of those homes are way over the top too, but this year was odd. Everything was subdued somewhat. Both of us got that impression, so I think it's real. Likely something to do with the housing market of late.

Iron Man was a fun movie! And actually, the new Hulk looks pretty fun too.

Kirsten said...

I'm glad to see you've still got the St. Petersburg bug. It's one of my favorite games, but James will hardly play it with me since I usually win. Call me next time you've got a rules question. ; )

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