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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Utah: Life Closed Sundays

Screw the Life Elevated slogan (which is just a little bit stuck-up anyway), Utah's new slogan should be Life Closed Sundays. Because it's true. Even in Salt Lake and Ogden, the cities where there is the lowest Mormon to Non-Mormon ratio, which translates to about 50%, there is still a large enough ratio of the church-going population who think it's a sin to spend money on Sundays that it isn't very economically feasible for most places to remain open for business on Sundays.

It's hard to do much of anything on a Sunday here, except go to church, or go to visit nature. But sometimes I still manage to forget that Utah is closed on Sundays, and so I try to schedule something productive to do. Like today, I wanted to get my emissions and safety inspections done, and I was able to do so, but not before visiting no less than 8 lube job places until I could find one that (1) was open for business, (2) actually performed E&S tests, and (3) had working computers.

I finally found a place that met these criteria, and my old 91 Buick Park Ave managed to pass another year of inspections. Technically they weren't supposed to pass me, because my car horn has been disabled so that when my defective car alarm goes off randomly in the middle of the night it doesn't keep my neighbors awake. Believe me, I'd like to have that car horn back very badly. Do you know how many times per week I find myself frustratedly slapping my horn in vain as some asshole cuts me off? I don't either, it's too hard to keep track. But we can't figure out how to remove or otherwise disable the car alarm, so the disconnected horn is the best solution we could muster, and I have to learn to let go of my road rage as a result. But anyway, the nice mechanics at Jiffy Lube passed me because I'm just so damn hot!

Seriously though, driving around town looking for an open lube shop, I couldn't help but notice just how ghost-townish this place looks on Sundays. It's kind of depressing.

So after the lube job Ian and I needed a suitable Sunday activity, and since we don't go to church we chose instead to visit nature by way of a bike ride up to the U of U campus. I think this is one of my new favorite rides, especially at this time of year when pretty much the only people on campus are other cyclists and a few clumsy skateboarders. It's a pretty steady climb up to the top, and both times that I've taken the ride I've had to stop and rest twice on my way up, but once I get to the top of HPER Highway, it's all downhill from there. I let gravity do it's thing as I round the bend at the top of the Highway, and am rewarded with the thrill of the wind sweeping across my face as I pick up speed on my descent. I enjoy the adrenaline rush as I accelerate past the education building and the labyrinthine Languages & Communications building, speeding ever faster towards the business area. And just when I think I might need to apply my brakes, the HPER Highway bends to the right, where it levels off onto the Library Plaza, and inertia carries me past the pyramid-shaped skylights on the Plaza, which forms the roof of the Library's basement. Then I take the gentler slopes down toward the Union Building, veering left past the Bookstore, past Biology and Student Services and onto Presidents' Circle, where the climb had begun. It's such a beautiful ride, and the downhill is a great reward for all the hard work in getting to the top.

I guess it's ok if Utah decides to close up shop Sundays. At least then I can ride.

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Pants said...

I hate that everything closes down on Sunday. My gym is only open till 4pm on Sun. Grr.

Pants said...

I hate that everything closes down on Sunday. My gym is only open till 4pm on Sun. Grr.

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