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Monday, June 30, 2008



The other day I was using the Google search box that used to be at the top of Bunsnip to try to find an old post of mine, and that's when I learned that the Google search was completely worthless at searching within Bunsnip. Complete hit or miss. So I replaced it with the standard search box, so now it should be much easier to search the archives.

Of course, I find that people aren't really interested in reading archives. I myself rarely find the time to dig through the archives of the blogs I read on a daily basis. (The exceptions are the blogs that make it into my Must Read Blog series, which I try to read pretty thoroughly before writing a spotlight.)

It's a shame, really, because there are often gems hidden within archives. Sov and I were talking about this a bit ago, and he pointed out that he doesn't even have an archive widget on his blog because people only want to read new stuff. I guess, in a way, that's the nature of blogs. They aren't really written to be timeless. Current is the currency with blogs.

But anyway, the search box is functional now, if you ever need it.


Also, I've finally created an email address for contacting me through Bunsnip. I have been struggling since about the beginning of the year to get up and running, but mail service through is completely useless, and I can't get it to work through GoogleApps either, even though I've followed their MX record setup instructions to the letter multiple times. So I broke down and created a gmail account for now:

bunsnip @ gmail . com

So if you have something to say that you simply can't say in a comment, feel free to use that address. Maybe someday I'll get fancy and create an email form, and maybe one day I'll even create navigation tabs where I can put information like this, but right now I'm lacking in both saavy and time.

Palomino & Kid Theodore @ Kilby Wednesday 2nd 7:PM

You've heard me talk about Palomino before (now they call themselves The Devil Whale... I liked the name Palomino better, but the act is as good as ever). Well both Palomino and another really great local band called Kid Theodore are going to be playing Kilby Court Wednesday at 7:PM. They are opening acts for... the Tilly Wall, I believe. I've never heard of Tilly Wall, but if Palomino and Kid Theodore are the supporting acts, then Tilly Wall are probably mighty fine themselves. So I recommend going if you're going to be in the Salt Lake area on Wednesday.

I'll be there; say hello if you see me!

That is all, thank you.

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Sovknight said...

I found a way to make old blog posts immortal and relevant again. I'm not going to say more yet, but stay tuned, and keep watching my blog.


Trovan said...

I agree that blogs are a very perishable commodity. I don't think anyone ever looks at my posts that are more than a day or 2 old.

Unless they include porn. Porn is timeless. I bet that's what Sov is up to...

The Over-Thinker said...

Wouldn't it be something to have readers perform a certain reading-path in order for them to proceed to the most recent entry? Perhaps a brief quiz after each post?

Ex. From my blog, they must answer:

What law of grammar did OT break in this entry? Also, what was she bitching about in paragraph two?

...and then they can proceed. Almost like getting to the next level in a video game. But less exciting. And maybe a bit more like school.

Sra said...

Ooh, I can hardly wait to see what Sov has come up with! Unless it is, indeed, porn. I'm pretty well over porn.

A little quiz to progress through a blog? Maybe a treasure hunt instead, or something with actual reward, instead of just being able to read more of my drivel.

But, yeah, it's kind of too bad about archives.

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