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Thursday, May 8, 2008

HealthQuest2008: April

Remember last time when I said I was pushing my gym days up to 4 per week? Yeah, that didn't happen. This strange phenomenon occurred: it got warmish during April, and on those warm days I'd walk up to the gym instead of driving. But then the weather would spring back into the frigid zone, putting me in a bad mood and making me not want to leave the house at all, even though I've been going to the gym since January, when it was much colder. So my gym attendance has fallen back to 1-2 days per week. Better than nothing, but not exactly where I wanted to be.

Even so, I've been trying to walk a lot more even when I'm not going to the gym, and I feel really fit compared to how I felt in January. My leg muscles are freakishly strong, and I think that I might actually have a bicep or two underneath my fleshy arms. I suspect I'm getting some abs under my flabby gut too.

But still not a lot of budging on the fat.

So I've tried a new tweak with my diet. Last time I was bringing a small lunch to work and eating bits of it throughout the day to try to keep my metabolism up. This time I've decided that my small lunch wasn't small enough. So now I bring two pieces of fruit -- one for the morning and one for the afternoon. Then at lunch, I limit myself to 400 calories, which is usually a PB&J or a Michelina's Frozen Dinner. I had my fill of frozen dinners growing up, so I was skeptical about trying these again, but these ones actually aren't that bad, and they only cost 1 piece of pirate gold. The pizza is actually pretty tasty with its spices and real pepperoni (as opposed to those fake little pepperoni chunks on most frozen pizzas), and as long as you stay away from the meat entrees, the other dishes are pretty good too.

Then, of course, I have one cup of coffee in the morning, and sometimes another in the afternoon.

This works pretty well, and I actually feel satisfied after having just a PB&J or a frozen cuisine. My problem is that I end up binging in the evenings, especially on days I go to the gym. So now I need to work on restraint and portion control at home.

And that's where I came up with another one of my brilliant ideas: a set of "diet dishes", which are perfectly sized according to appropriate portion sizes. Glasses hold 8 ounces only; bowls hold 1 cup of cereal with milk only; plates are small enough for elves to eat off of. That way, all you have to do is fill you dish, and then eat that and that alone.

And you know what else I've realized? People pay more attention to number than size. For instance, if I eat 3 slices of pizza, I don't consider whether they were small slices or large slices, I just say I had 3 slices. So in other words, if someone gave me smaller portions, I don't think I'd notice the difference. That's why sometimes I wish I was like a cat in that someone else has to fill my bowl with food. It'd be a lot easier to trick me into eating less that way.

Does anyone else have tactics for controlling portion sizes?

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Sarah said...

I find eating disgusting food is the only way to lessen your portion size.

Sarah said...

I find eating disgusting food is the only way to lessen your portion size.

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