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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

FitnessQuest2008: February -- with an introduction about the weather and cream eggs

It is a beautifully sunny day today! Still too cold for me to take my lunch on the back patio of our office, but warm enough for me to take a walk around the corner for a much needed latte from Caffe Niche. Pretty soon, I'm going to have to take a walk around the other corner and shop for a replacement bicycle. I had to sell my lovely vintage-style Schwinn last fall because it was only a 7-speed, and that just doesn't cut it in the University neighborhood. But it's definitely getting closer to biking-to-work-season, so I need to find a suitable replacement soon.

The Weather Troll and her fellow Nostradamuses have been trying desperately to hang on to winter, warning of several snow storms in the next 14 days (as if it's even possible to predict with any accuracy the weather 14 days down the road; most weather people are only 50/50 about what the weather is going to be like come the weekend!). But this sunny day has Spring written all over it, and that's the prediction I'm going to believe.

So apparently, the desperation businesses are feeling to always upstage last year's/quarter's/month's profits has translated into an elongation of the seasonal holidays. That way companies can try to squeeze all the filthy lucre they can out of shoppers. You know how it is: Christmas lasts from about mid-October to the end of December; Halloween lasts from September to the end of October; Valentine's Day starts in January, but we usually hear the end of it by about Feb. 20, since by then we all forget about love and move onto something more important: dead presidents; and finally, most dangerously, Easter begins about now and goes to the end of April!

I say most dangerously, because Easter brings my most favorite American candy: Cadbury's Cream Eggs. Ok, before you go off and tell me that Cadbury's is a British company, let me just say that it's American in that they don't try to pass it off as imported European chocolate and raise the price accordingly. Cadbury's Cream Eggs are actually very reasonably priced. But the problem is I simply can't control myself when it comes to them.

The other day, I went against my own wise advice and bought a 4-pack of the Eggs. This should last me at least 4 days, right? Wrong. They were gone by lunch the following day. Frankly, I'm surprised I managed to spread them out over two days. Usually I just shove the damn things in my mouth one after the other.

But Ian pointed out to me that each delicious Egg is composed of no less than 150 calories. So a 4-pack makes 600 calories! Maybe by being armed with this knowledge, I will be able to restrain my Cadbury's habit just a little bit. Maybe. I'm not placing any bets or anything.

So as you can see, the lengthening of the Easter holiday is seriously throwing a wrench into the gears of HealthQuest2008. Not that I'm throwing in the towel or anything, heavens no. After all, I have my heart set on doing some serious hiking and biking this season, and this year I mean it!

February Flu Season gave me a nice little gift this year -- the death flu -- and that delightful present meant that I had to give up going to yoga and the gym for two whole weeks! Talk about a serious setback! Yesterday morning I knew I was in trouble when I felt a little achy-ness in my muscles. When your muscles ache and you haven't even been working out, that's called atrophy, my friends (and when it's your glutes, it's called asstrophy). But I made my first revisit to the gym yesterday evening, and I didn't do as badly as I thought I might. I managed to pull a 30-minute slow climb in which I turned up the resistance two points every two minutes. It was a pretty good workout as far as endurance is concerned. But I always feel a little more invigorated when I do several fast climbs over the 30-minutes, since that gives my heart a little more up and down.

A week or so ago, after I was finally starting to feel better, I went against my rule and weighed myself. It turns out there is a caveat to the Weighing Yourself Is Bad Mojo guideline: if you already know that you weigh less than you used to, it's ok to weigh yourself. After not eating very much for the better part of a week, I knew there was no way I could be disappointed on the scale, so for curiosity's sake, I went for it.

My current weight: 155

To anyone who's been following along since I began the HealthQuest with the snake oil diet back in 2007, you will know that this means I'm down 6 pounds. And that's not too shabby when you consider that I've probably gained a fair amount of muscle weight over the past couple months and that I usually only lose about 2 pounds before putting it all back on again.

I can also physically see results on my body, particularly in my legs, which have a way to go before you could call them sexy (and I will probably always have cankles), but which are currently much leaner. Size 8 pants here I come!

So that's the HealthQuest 2008 update for February.

Now if I can manage to moderate my consumption of Cadbury's Cream Eggs, I think March will yield more exciting results. Stay tuned.

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Loralee Choate said...

I'm at 159 and need to lose 10 of them RAPIDO to fit into my concert dress for an upcoming performance.



I could eat them all freaking day long.

Damn you, Easter...

Sra said...

See what I mean? There's just something about Easter candy that is so much more delicious than any other holiday candies.

Good luck on your quest. I've never lost so much weight very quickly, but that's just how my body works. Meanwhile, Ian stops eating lunch for a week and he drops 5 pounds. Took me two months to go down that much!

Sovknight said...

I can't eat anything chocolate with a marshmallow center at all. Or lasagna, for the exact same reason. It was an unfortunate Easter incident in 1977, which caused me to develop an aversion to those two foods. Uck... just thinking about marshmallow eggs or bunnies makes my stomach lurch a little.

I'm thinking about starting a fitness blog. I have some experience in the area, although you wouldn't know it to look at me. Do you think anyone would read it?

Melliferous Pants said...

I am eating chips for breakfast as I read this. End of story.

Sra said...

Yes, I think a fitness blog would be very popular. We are obsessed with image in America, so even though we are all fat, we all want to be fit and thin. Hence the yearly resolutions. You should write a fitness blog, I know you know a lot about weight training technique and stuff. I need you to come to the gym with me again sometime to help me remember some of that stuff you showed me before.

It's too bad about the marshmallow eggs, cause they are just too good to pass up! I understand the lasagna thing, though. I can't have lasagna that has too much ricotta cheese in it. I just can't stand the texture. But if it's light on the ricotta, or uses cottage cheese, then I love it.

heidikins said...

Mmmmmm, Cadbury Eggs.... I can't help it, I absolutely covet them! I even try to avoid grocery shopping in general to keep those pesky things from making their way home with me... which doesn't work, because eventually I'm gonna run out of milk.



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