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Friday, January 4, 2008

I'm blaming the Weather Troll for this

My handy little Google Desktop thermometer says it's 49 degs F in Salt Lake right now. But I don't believe it; I'm looking out the window, and the wind is blowing ominously through the dingy gray skies. About two hours ago, the sun was shining like an early Spring day, and I almost fooled myself into thinking that it was a Spring day. I wanted desperately to go for a walk. And now looking out that window, all I want to do is go home and curl up in a ball under my down comforter.

I'm blaming Jodie Saeland for this.

It actually was about 49 degs F, and even got as high as 54 that night. Unseasonably warm! But that ominous blowing grew stronger and stronger as the night progressed. Turns out there was a giant hurricane-like storm coming in from the Pacific Ocean over Oregon and Northern California, and I'm willing to bet that's where the unseasonably warm temperatures came from: we stole them from the coast! Suckas!

The Weather Troll and other meteorological Nostradamuses claimed that we were in for 11 inches of snow in the valleys and 3 Ft in the mountains by morning. But there was only a light dusting of snow in the morning. Then one of the Nostradamuses claimed that we had only experienced the first part of the storm, and the second half was yet to come. Sure, anything to save face, but to me, that's what I call storm number 2, and y'all were wrong about storm number 1. Bunch of crazy Nostradamuses...

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