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Thursday, January 24, 2008

2008 State of the Bunsnip Address

It's January, which means politicians at various levels of government will give speeches in which they address the state of things, and then lie about how they are going to make things better. So in honor of that tradition, I thought I'd start my own annual State of the Bunsnip Address!

Bunsnip Hits Resulting from Websearches

I have a SiteMeter (at the bottom of the page) which proudly tracks my modest number of visitors. But in addition to that, it gives me information about how people are getting to my site, so I can tell what is effective and what isn't. It's been rather entertaining to track the searches that bring people to Bunsnip. Here are a few of the most popular:

Coma Coma Cameleon

Hands down, I get the most hits from people searching for some variation of "Coma Cameleon" -- probably 3 or 4 such searches per week! Who knew that people were so interested in Boy George and Culture Club? Actually, my post Comma Cameleon (previously misspelled as Coma Cameleon, ironically enough) is a rant about grammar, which is one of those subjects that I like to go off on every now and then. I'm sure people are very disappointed when they come to my site looking for Boy George lyrics and instead find an English lesson. But to be helpful, I have posted a little notice at the top of the article telling people that they're looking for the word "karma." Hopefully by my spreading the word, a little karma will bring me more readers.

(I've just now noticed that Cameleon is actually spelled with an H, thus: Chameleon. Who knew? I'm going to keep it how it is, though, because I sense a need for a little spelling reform with this word.)

Jodie Saeland, Pregnant

The second most-sought topic that brings people to Bunsnip is some variation of the words "Jodie Saeland" and "pregnant". Saeland watchers are directed to my TV observations post, where one observation is that Jodie Saeland always seems to be pregnant. I therefore have a theory that she is actually played by twins, because no one can be pregnant all the time! Interestingly, that observation takes up the least space in the post, but it's getting the most attention. I think I really struck a chord with Fox 13's viewership. In fact, one of the most recent searches was "Jodie Saeland is always pregnant," so you know I'm not the only one who's noticing! Oh yes, it's got to be twins, baby.

Scales of Justice Tattoo

I get a pretty decent number of hits from people searching for Scales of Justice Tattoos, which has made me feel a little bad since I haven't had a picture of my scales tattoo on that post, because the post was mostly about the search for my second tattoo. So, I finally had a picture taken and have posted it up for all to see. Enjoy.

Seeking Millionaire

Surprisingly enough, there are quite a few people out there Seeking Millionaires. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, because there are quite a few more millionaires out there today than ever before, which makes the millionaire dating pool prime. (Of course, it also means that it is much less impressive to be a millionaire today. These days, you're not impressive unless you're a billionaire. Give it ten years for the seeking billionaire site to launch.) I don't suppose that my post making fun of the Seeking Millionaire dating site is going to attract any permanent readers, since the people who get to that post by way of search probably are actually seeking millionaires and not making fun of people who do so. That's ok, I'm fine with Bunsnip not belonging to the millionaire's club.


With all these great search hits, you'd think the Bunsnip readership must be booming by now, right? Well, I am pleased to report that Bunsnip is currently receiving a modest but stable readership. We are now up to an average of 18 unique visitors per day. Alright, alright, stop that laughing! Don't you know what happens when you can't stop laughing? One of these days, you're gonna die laughing. But seriously, I'm pretty pleased with that number so far. Bunsnip has only been off of MySpace since November, and I've already made back my average readership, and I've even been seeing a slow increase -- not bad for a non-social network page! Thanks to all my readers, and especially to all my regular readers and commenters. Preeshyate-cha!

Future Endeavors

This is the part where I make promises and get everyone excited, and hopefully, unlike some "State of ___ Addresses", I won't actually be lying when I say these things.

Increased Interactivity

I'd like to do something to make Bunsnip more of an interactive experience. I'm working on figuring out the best way to provide a means for sending general comments or feedback, in addition to the comment section provided for each individual post. Whether this will be in the form of a submit message text box, a bulletin board, a guestbook, or a simple email address, I'm not yet sure. But more than that, I think it would be fun to include some polls or some way that you can come here to play and not just read. Maybe I could get a mad libs thing going. I don't know, but I definitely welcome suggestions.

Increased Readership

I have a goal to double my readership to 36 unique visitors per day by the end of the year. Maybe that's selling myself short, but pessimists are rarely disappointed, right? I mean, for a private blog, I've got to have modest expectations.

Collection of Funny Signs

I've had in mind a project of taking pictures of strange, funny, or stupid signs around town and posting them for all to see. First on my list is the dry cleaner on State in Murray that says: "Dry Cleaning $2.99 All Garments" and then in fine print immediately beneath this, it says: "Most Garments". Huh? I think this might be a fun community project, and so once I get it started, I would welcome submissions.

Alright, so those weren't very many things to get excited about, but since there really isn't too much to look forward to that I know of yet, at least you know that it won't be that big a deal if my promises turn out to be big fat dirty politician lies. But hopefully I will come up with some nice new things in 2008 to make Bunsnip a must read daily. Thanks for all the support everyone has shown so far!

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tennessee mike said...

You're welcome! Thanks for posting such interesting blogs. I'd give you a standing ovation for your State of the Bunsnip Address, but I know you're not really a fan of 'em. :)

Keep up the great work!

Sra said...

Ah yes, you have such a good memory. I'm only opposed to standing ovations that are undeserved. Some people give them no matter what, whereas I think people ought to be a bit more discriminate about whom they give standing ovations to. Otherwise, how will we be able to communicate our appreciation to people who really deserve it? Will we begin jumping?

But anyway, I will try my best to keep writing stuff that's worth reading, if not standingly-ovating over.

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