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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Idaho Senator: I'm not gay (I just like having sex with men)

Have y'all heard the story about Idaho Senator Larry Craig, who was recently arrested for "lewd conduct" in a Minnesota airport? ("Lewd conduct" in this case is code for "soliciting sex in the men's room". Oh boy, another sex scandal involving a politician! And a gay sex scandal at that! The best kind.)

In case you haven't read any of the news stories, the quick facts of the matter are as follows:

1) In June, a police officer was conducting a sting operation in the airport men's room after some complaints about sexual solicitations going on in the restroom;

2) Craig happened to unfortunately choose this restroom at this time to solicit sex from the officer (essentially by playing footsies under the bathroom stall);

3) Craig was arrested and later plead guilty to a charge of lewd conduct;

4) Now in August, the story became public and Craig has publicly denied wrong-doing, and stated that he regrets pleading guilty.

A little background on Craig:

1) He's served three senatorial terms and 4 House of Representative terms for Idaho over the past 27 years, and faces possible reelection next year (though that seems less likely now).

2) He has dealt with various rumors about his sexuality since the early 80's.

3) He's married and has three step children from his wife's former marriage. They married c. 1982 after dating for 6 months, and after some of the earlier allegations about his sexuality.

4) He has a record of voting for anti-gay legislation.

Alright, so draw the conclusions that you will, but to me, it seems that this poor man is so deeply in denial about his sexuality that he has to try to sneak a little gay play on the side. Which is sad, but understandable. But, as a person in a high-profile position, he should have known better. A person in his position who gets caught for something like this can't just discreetly sweep it under the rug. Not only does he have to deal with the disappointment and betrayal he has caused his family, but he has to deal with the disgrace he has caused his constituents and his nation.

I guess I just don't understand why so many politicians are unable to control themselves. I mean, I already think all politicians are corrupt to one extent or another, even if they don't start out that way. But it's just so stupid to get caught for something like this.

Poor man.

Update: I want to be clear that I have no problem with Craig's sexuality. I do have a problem with his hypocrisy about his sexuality, though, and I'm weirded about by the means through which he was attempting to hook up with someone.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Are You Master (or Mastress) at MS Word? Then HELP!

I'm trying to set up an automatic formula for shading table cells in MS Word.

I have created a table to keep track of some patent applications and issued patents at work. Each row is alternately shaded light or dark, to make it easier to differentiate the cases. Each time a new patent issues, I have to insert a new row into the middle of the table, and sometimes this messes up my alternate shading sequence. Then I have to manually adjust the shading, which can take a good five minutes of time that I'd rather spend doing something else.

I've searched the internet to see if I can find any tips for setting up an automatic table shading formula, but I've found nothing. I'm starting to wonder if it's impossible to do that.

If anyone knows how to do this, I will buy you a cookie.

I'm using Word 2003, if that's of any use.

Thanks, people.


Update from Scottyboy:

Place your cursor in the table and select "Table AutoFormat" from the "Table" menu.

Hit the "new" button on the right side of the window. This should bring up the "new style" window.

Now, the fourth line down says Apply formatting to: In this window select "odd row stripes" or "even row stripes".

Next, you apply the shading you want to the odd or even rows (depending upon your selection from the step above) by clicking on the paint can icon and selecting the desired color. Hit "ok", then "apply" and you're all set. You can insert rows, and it will keep the alternating color scheme.

Note to Scottyboy:

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Escape Part 1: Finding my passions, knowing my limits

Well, it's been awhile since I've put a lot of energy into The Job Problem. Mostly I felt like there was too much negative energy coming out of my brooding over my job situation, and frankly, I needed a break. And now I'm going to re-explore the issue, but I want to try to focus more on where to go from here instead of my frustrations with my job now.

For the record, there's nothing really wrong with my job. It pays well, doesn't really involve too much customer service, gives good bennies, and no one has really lectured me too much about how I roll in late every morning. I guess I'm lucky to work with a group of fellow non-morning persons. All except the other secretary. She lives a lot further away than I do, and she's still in the office an hour before me. I don't even want to think about what time she gets up. I have a hard enough time dragging my tired ass in there at 9:30, and I live about a half mile away.

But none of that is really the point of this post, so I'll get to that instead: I've just started reading a book called the Anti 9 to 5 Guide by Michelle Goodman. I found out about the book through Ramit Sethi's finance blog. Google him if you're interested in finance at all. He's got a lot of good information. (Alright, I got off my lazy butt and got the link for you: I Will Teach You To Be Rich. You're welcome.)

Anyway, the first chapter of the Anti 9 to 5 Guide advises me to get busy making lists to identify (1) What I like to do, (2) What I'd like to learn, (3) What I'd like to avoid, and (4) Where I'd be comfortable working. So this post is to document my lists. The book also suggests asking friends what they think I should do based on what they know about me. So I'm inviting anyone who reads this blog (and, indeed, thank you for reading), to give me any suggestions that come to mind.

What I Love

Editing words
Playing & Writing music
Drinking coffee
Editing music
Analyzing grammar
Word processing
Scanning documents
Word games
Scenic driving
Collecting music and movies

What I'd like to Learn

Business skills
Improve my music skills
Better people skills
Better sewing skills
More technical German

What I'd like to Avoid

Waking up early
Asking for time off
Meetings - especially pointless ones
Red tape
Staying to the end of the day, even if there's nothing to do
Too involved customer service

My comfortable environment

Autonomy - little group work, large independent responsibility
Friendly but professionally distant coworkers
No time restrictions
Homey environment
Little or no commuting
No micromanagement
In fact, I'd like to just be my own boss, make my own decisions

Currently reading :
The Anti 9-to-5 Guide: Practical Career Advice for Women Who Think Outside the Cube
By Michelle Goodman
Release date: 28 December, 2006

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