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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Tattone: Scales; Tattwo: Need Your Feedback

I've been thinking lately about getting a second tattoo (a tattwo, if you will), and I'd like some feedback on my current symbol of choice, and the location I should put it. It's of course important to choose a symbol that is meaningful to you, since tattoos are forever.

For instance, my first tattoo, as some of you know, is the scales of justice between my shoulder blades. My choice of the scales had nothing to do with my being a libra; that's just a coincidence. Besides, I'm not a crazy zodiac believer. It has more to do with what the symbol represents in terms of reason and logic, and perhaps a little bit justice (although, having worked for attorneys for 5 years, I don't have a lot of good feelings for the legal system).

Tattone: The Scales of Justice. Moving my shoulder blades makes the scales move too!

But the symbol also reminds me of my grandfather, who was himself an attorney and later a judge. Unlike most lawyers, my grandfather was a very scrupulous person. He was more honest than I think most people dare to be. So my first tattoo is sort of a way for me to honor his memory.

Plus the symmetry in the symbol is beautiful to me, and having it centered on my back represents balance to me.

Alright, so now I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of the symbol for seagull guitars. It's the seagull in three concentric circles on the head of the guitar below:

My reasoning for getting this symbol: First of all, I love my seagull; it's a beautiful guitar. Second, I rather like the sleek, simple shape of the seagull in the circles. Third, this might be a way for me to symbolize my love for music, which is something I've been thinking my second tattoo should do. Fourth, we can't thank the seagulls enough for eating all those locusts and throwing them up into the salt lake so that the pioneers could save their crops.... Alright just kidding about that last one.

What I want to know from you is:
(1) Do you think it's dumb to get a brand symbol?
(2) If I do get it, where should I put it? (I'm thinking wrist or side shoulder. Ankles are probably out, cause mine aren't attractive. Any other suggestions?)
(3) What color?
(3) If I don't get the gull, what other symbol might I get to represent music?

I appreciate y'alls feedback.


Update: I've decided not to get the seagull symbol. I'm a firm believer that tattoos should be very personal and meaningful, and most importantly, they should show a great deal of commitment to something. While I love my seagull guitar, and the symbol is
quite lovely, I don't want to show so much commitment to a single brand of guitar. (Especially since I've been quite taken with Taylors lately.) I'm still searching for my tattwo, and I'll be sure to let you know when I find it.

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