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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Huzzah! Christmas is over! Time to prepare for the New Year.

Rejoice, rejoice! Christmas is over, and we can finally breathe again! Or at least we can try to catch our breath. Luckily, I've taken off from work until January 2nd, so I should be able to catch some relaxation in the post-holiday days of December. In fact, just today I indulged in a nice two-hour afternoon nap on my couch, even after sleeping in until noon today. But believe me, I needed this nap. Sleep deprivation is cumulative in nature, and unless you manage to nap it off, you will eventually turn into a zombie. That is a fact.

I think now that I've gotten the major nap out of the way, the next few days of my vacation should be more productive. I have a number of tasks on my to-do list:

(1) Clean up the house (it's mad crazy messy in the holiday aftermath).

(2) Stock up the fridge on healthy groceries so I can stop eating all the holiday junk.

(3) Make an appointment with the Dentist to clean all the holiday junk out of my teeth. Check!

(4) Register for my community yoga class and get a membership to the fieldhouse so I can burn off all the holiday junk. Check!

(5) Visit the liquor store and stock up on libations for New Years so I can drink away the holiday trauma. Check!

(6) Return any you-really-shouldn't-have items and go shopping with my various holiday gift cards. Check!

(7) Do a practice LSAT exam.

(8) Finish reading Self-Made Man and start reading whatever's next on my reading list. Check!

I know I may be alone in this, since not many people (well, one person actually) posted a response to my previous holiday rant. That could have to do with the fact that only about 10 people read my blog regularly, or maybe the scrooge attitude really is a minority attitude. But I seriously feel traumatized by the hectic nature of the holiday season, and I for one am relieved it's over. Next year, I will try to implement one of two strategies to cope with the season: (1) get my shopping done before the end of November, or (2) try to convince my family to engage in an alternative to the gift-giving frenzy.

But until then, it's time to put this year's Christmas behind us and look on to the new year. I'll close this post with things I resolve to do in 2008:

(1) Grow my hair longer so as to avoid last year's traumatizing hair butchery.

(2) Get private tutoring for LSAT Logic Games so I can make the LSAT my bitch in June.

(3) Do more hiking this year, for real. (I always say I want to hike more, and this year I mean it!)

(4) Go camping at least once.

(5) Try to maintain closer relations with my beloved friends.

(6) Acquire a clarinet.

(7) Get my body into delicious condition for the summer.

(8) Try to adopt a more optimistic outlook on life. (Difficult task for a realist!)

(9) Spend less money on lattes, but enjoy the lattes more.

(10) Be more selective of the musical shows I attend.

(11) Make better use of my time so that next year, it's not as much of a shock that another year has gone by.

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