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Sunday, November 4, 2007


So I'm preparing to take the June 2008 LSAT, and there are a couple ridiculous things that have come to my attention as I learn about the test:

1) Writing Cursive
You must write out and sign a legal statement before the test begins, basically certifying that you are the individual who is registered to take the test, that you are taking it for the sole purpose of admission to law school, and that you will neither receive nor give help during the test. The statement must be written in cursive, not print.

I haven't written in cursive since I was in 4
th grade, mainly because it's not necessarily faster than writing in print, and since at the time I was more familiar with print anyway, having written it since I first learned to hold a pencil, the cursive never really stuck. I find it takes more time to make all the stupid ostentatious loops in cursive. Like the letter I: In what way does a loop with a little horizontal swoop save time over a single downward line?

Anyway, I'm a little mad that I even have to write it out at all, because my signature should be enough, since the statement is typed out on the form anyway, and
as far as I know, no other legal document requires you to hand write a statement. Also, my handwriting, even in print, is like that of a serial killer anyway. Welcome to the digital age. At least this has no effect on my ability to bubble out the answer sheet.

2) No digital timers
You are no longer allowed to use digital timers, only analog. I suspect this rule has to do with the annoying propensity for digital timing devices to beep, but that is why god created silent timers, thank you god. I just acquired an analog timer, even though I already shelled out roughly $25 on a nice silent digital timer. Now I'm hearing rumors that only analog watches are allowed. That will really chap my hide, because I don't want to have to turn my wrist to see how much time I have left. It's much easier to just glance up and then back down at my test again.

Screw the damn
LSAC and their stupid rules!

Screw them all.

Progress update:

First practice LSAT score: 154, just about average.
Goal: 165
7 months to go.

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