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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Shangri-La Week 2: Plateausville

Well unfortunately I have made no progress on my magical mystery oil diet. I'm still 161 and 36.3% BF. But, you will note that I have not GAINED any weight. So things aren't as bad as they could be.

I did get the Shangri-La Diet book in the mail, and I read it. Although it's a bit more organized than the website, there isn't much in the book that can't be found on the online forum, so it's not much help. I did accidentally buy the hardback version instead of paperback, and the paperback is supposed to have some substantial changes. But seeing as how my body so far has no substantial changes, I'm not too concerned with what the paperback has to say.

A magical, no-effort weight loss miracle this diet certainly is not. But then again, when you read about it, it doesn't claim to be. It claims to be a tool which you may use as an aid in weight loss. The bottom line is that you can't lose weight by not making any changes. The oil is supposed to help you start making changes by suppressing your appetite some, so that you begin to eat fewer calories. It's also supposed to change the level of weight that your body is aiming to attain (aka, lowering your set point). If these things really happen, then SLD is supposed to help make weight loss easier. That is not to say that weight loss is easy.

So I guess one thing I need to do is be more discriminate about what I eat. I haven't thus far made any effort to change what I'm eating. I pretty much eat whatever I want, I'm just eating a little less of it now. But whatever I want usually consists of a lot of bread and chocolate. Can you blame me? No, I can't either, and I still want to eat those things, but I need to eat less of them, and start eating more veggies, which I really don't eat very much of at all.

So for this next week, I will try to be more conscious of what I'm eating.

Next week, I will consider adding more exercise. I'm taking a one-hour yoga class every week, which is great for flexibility and strengthening, but it's not so good for cardio, and once a week isn't very much. I'm considering joining the field house at the U, since it's walking distance from my apartment, and I already know that I like the bikes they have there.

Meanwhile, I have some xylitol coming in the mail, which I will try using as an additional method of appetite suppression. The xylitol is supposed to slow stomach emptying, which will aid in the feeling of being satisfied longer. It's also supposed to be good for your teeth, which couldn't hurt me right now. I keep putting off going to the dentist, but I really do need to go before I get to root canal territory.

I'll report back on progress, or lack thereof, next week.

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