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Monday, November 19, 2007

Beginning Ian's Healthy Diet

Weekly Stats
Weight: 159
Body Fat: 30.9%

Well, for anyone who's been following along, you'll note that I am now down two pounds and roughly 6% body fat from where I was before and during the Shangri-La Diet. Go me! (Of course two pounds is really not much to celebrate about, and I'm rather skeptical that the scale is correctly gauging my body fat percentage -- a 6% drop seems rather much. But even so, it's nice to actually see the numbers change.)

Today is my first day starting Ian's Healthy Eating Diet. It entails eating rather small portions more frequently throughout the day, and shunning corn syrup and starch like the plague.

This morning I had a bowl of corn-syrup-free oatmeal. It's called "Weight Control" Oatmeal, by Quaker Oats. Let me tell you the secret of Weight Control Oatmeal: it helps control your weight by tasting so bad that you won't want to eat it. I took three bites, one of which I sweetened with Xylitol, and then I threw the rest away. It is so bitter, I thought I might not be able to swallow a couple of the bites! So I'm scrapping that oatmeal. I know that the Strawberries and Cream flavor of Quaker Oats has no corn syrup, and it's really tasty, so I'll switch to that. At least I tried something new, though.

The problem with this week is it's Thanksgiving, so Thursday and Friday are pretty well screwed diet-wise, and today we are having a Thanksgiving Feast at work too! I'm going to try to limit my portions, especially today, and especially since I have a banana for my mid-afternoon snack today. I likes me the bananas.

But anyway, this is kind of a bad
week to start my diet, so I'm just going to do the best I can, and then next week will be the first real test.

I'll let you know how I fare after this week, and I'll probably post my meal plans if I get around to it.

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