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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Have You Ever Been to a Concert at Club Sound?

Have you ever been to a concert at Club Sound? I'm not talking about the In the Venue side with the balcony, I'm talking about the other side with the stage shoved in a corner by the windows and the bar in the back.

Well, it's my personal opinion that the sound at Club Sound is routinely bad. The bass is always too high and the vocals too low. I go to a lot of shows, and unfortunately quite a few have been at Club Sound. With one or two exceptions, all these shows have been a disappointment.

The last straw was the recent Deerhoof show. Deerhoof is an obscure experimental band which rocks my socks off, and so I jumped at the chance to see them live. The band is composed of a little Asian woman and her band mates. The Asian woman sounds like a five year old girl when she sings. Think Joanna Newsome. Well, her voice is so high, that the overly invasive bass levels completely muddied her out. I was pissed.

So I wrote a MySpace message to Club Sound complaining about the sound at that show and many others and suggesting that they change their name to Club Sounds Shitty.

Admittedly, saying something like that to someone is not a good way to get what you want, but as a paying customer, I feel I have a right to complain, and even to use insulting words.

Well, Club Sound wrote me back with insulting words of their own, as follows:

Hello This is the SOUND GUY and I appreciate your amateur opinion on frequency related sciences but....Almost every band to come to the venue has had there own engineer and in every case it is impossible to make a variable enviorment sound like a CD, all of us at the venue read the emails and your the first to complain...... EVER...Not having the facts staight make people look VERY STUPID.

Have a nice Day


I answered by pointing out that not understanding the difference between your and you're and there and their also makes people look stupid. As do the misspellings in the words straight and environment.

But anyway, since he's basically begging for more people to complain about the sound at Club Sound before he takes me seriously, I'm urging any of you who have also been disappointed by the sound quality at Club Sound to let them know!

After all, if enough people give feedback, maybe they will do something about the Shitty Sound.

Concert fans unite!

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