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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Idaho Senator: I'm not gay (I just like having sex with men)

Have y'all heard the story about Idaho Senator Larry Craig, who was recently arrested for "lewd conduct" in a Minnesota airport? ("Lewd conduct" in this case is code for "soliciting sex in the men's room". Oh boy, another sex scandal involving a politician! And a gay sex scandal at that! The best kind.)

In case you haven't read any of the news stories, the quick facts of the matter are as follows:

1) In June, a police officer was conducting a sting operation in the airport men's room after some complaints about sexual solicitations going on in the restroom;

2) Craig happened to unfortunately choose this restroom at this time to solicit sex from the officer (essentially by playing footsies under the bathroom stall);

3) Craig was arrested and later plead guilty to a charge of lewd conduct;

4) Now in August, the story became public and Craig has publicly denied wrong-doing, and stated that he regrets pleading guilty.

A little background on Craig:

1) He's served three senatorial terms and 4 House of Representative terms for Idaho over the past 27 years, and faces possible reelection next year (though that seems less likely now).

2) He has dealt with various rumors about his sexuality since the early 80's.

3) He's married and has three step children from his wife's former marriage. They married c. 1982 after dating for 6 months, and after some of the earlier allegations about his sexuality.

4) He has a record of voting for anti-gay legislation.

Alright, so draw the conclusions that you will, but to me, it seems that this poor man is so deeply in denial about his sexuality that he has to try to sneak a little gay play on the side. Which is sad, but understandable. But, as a person in a high-profile position, he should have known better. A person in his position who gets caught for something like this can't just discreetly sweep it under the rug. Not only does he have to deal with the disappointment and betrayal he has caused his family, but he has to deal with the disgrace he has caused his constituents and his nation.

I guess I just don't understand why so many politicians are unable to control themselves. I mean, I already think all politicians are corrupt to one extent or another, even if they don't start out that way. But it's just so stupid to get caught for something like this.

Poor man.

Update: I want to be clear that I have no problem with Craig's sexuality. I do have a problem with his hypocrisy about his sexuality, though, and I'm weirded about by the means through which he was attempting to hook up with someone.

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