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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Are You Master (or Mastress) at MS Word? Then HELP!

I'm trying to set up an automatic formula for shading table cells in MS Word.

I have created a table to keep track of some patent applications and issued patents at work. Each row is alternately shaded light or dark, to make it easier to differentiate the cases. Each time a new patent issues, I have to insert a new row into the middle of the table, and sometimes this messes up my alternate shading sequence. Then I have to manually adjust the shading, which can take a good five minutes of time that I'd rather spend doing something else.

I've searched the internet to see if I can find any tips for setting up an automatic table shading formula, but I've found nothing. I'm starting to wonder if it's impossible to do that.

If anyone knows how to do this, I will buy you a cookie.

I'm using Word 2003, if that's of any use.

Thanks, people.


Update from Scottyboy:

Place your cursor in the table and select "Table AutoFormat" from the "Table" menu.

Hit the "new" button on the right side of the window. This should bring up the "new style" window.

Now, the fourth line down says Apply formatting to: In this window select "odd row stripes" or "even row stripes".

Next, you apply the shading you want to the odd or even rows (depending upon your selection from the step above) by clicking on the paint can icon and selecting the desired color. Hit "ok", then "apply" and you're all set. You can insert rows, and it will keep the alternating color scheme.

Note to Scottyboy:

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