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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Lights Out!

It's February 6. The groundhog failed to see his shadow four days ago. Apparently, that signifies an early spring. (Although, I somehow remember that Groundhog Day is a gimmick, and regardless of whether he sees his shadow or not, spring is six weeks away.)

Alright, so spring is around the corner… so WHY THE HELL ARE PEOPLE STILL TURNING ON CHRISTMAS LIGHTS?!?!?

It happens every year. Some people get so excited about Christmas that they feel it is necessary to keep their lights on well into the new year. I can forgive this in January, but now it's February, and if the lights aren't down, they should at least be TURNED OFF! I've seen Christmas lights as late as March before, but this year, I'm gonna get some garden shears (with insulated handles, naturally) and make sure the lights go out!

(Disclaimer: Any mention of vandalism in this blog is only contemplated as hypothetical reality.)

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