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Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm Going Blind

Well, alright, not actually blind, per se. But whereas my eyes were about -1.50 a little less than a year ago, they are about -2.50 now. My contacts weren't really doing that much for me, and I thought it might be due to the dry weather and my slight astigmatism, but nope, it turns out my vision has dramatically declined over the past year. I knew I was seeing worse, but I didn't know the change was so much in such a little time.

My doctor says the rapid change probably has to do with the fact that I look at a computer screen all day at my job. So this gives me even more impetus to get out of this work. It's true I did a lot of computer work at my old job, but that was only for 5 hours a day, and there wasn't as much computer gazing in that job. I do like working with computers, but I must admit my eyes get tired.

Well anyway, I've got some new and very much more comfortable contact lenses that actually seem to breathe, unlike my last brand, and I've ordered what I hope will be some very classy and stylish new frames for those days when I just don't want to stick my finger in my eye.

Let's hope I can get out of my job before it makes me go blind!

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