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Monday, January 29, 2007

Escaping 9 to 5 Chronicle Part 3

We have a notion of a beginning that may effect the end of this hell.

That is, my boyfriend Ian and I have a business idea. Well, alright, we’ve had many business ideas and ah-ha moments over the past year, but I think this time we have a concept that is low-risk, not particularly time consuming (at least to start), and in tune with our interests. Nothing we have thrown around before has been all of these things. So this time it might be something.

And if it’s nothing, we won’t be out much.

Without divulging too much too soon, here’s what we’d like to do: provide free and honest information that would be useful to the average Salt Lake Citian. (I hope it’s ok with everyone that I opted to create a new word, instead of using the equivalent and already coined ‘citizen’.)

This service will allow me the opportunity to write and edit, and Ian the opportunity to rant and rave; both things which we enjoy doing anyway.

Well, we’ll see where this goes.

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