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Friday, August 18, 2006

No brother, I can't spare a dime

I'm sick of all the fucking bums around town. I cant have a lunch break without having money solicited from me by at least one bum, and often two or even three bums. I almost always have some change in my pocket and a couple dollars in my wallet, but I always refuse to share my money with the bums. There is no reason for me to give my money, which I work for, to these people. What the hell do these people do to warrant them being given money? They certainly don't make the city any prettier or better-smelling.

I like to take my lunch in the gallivan plaza downtown during the warm season, but it seems that its becoming more and more of a hub for bums to hang out in, and I have to share what used to be a rather peaceful environment with the slum of the earth.

Its rather interesting to note how many bums sleep in the day time. I wonder what they do at night?

I believe that everybody has their prejudices against some people. I happen to hate people who don't or cant do anything for themselves. They are either fucking lazy or fucking incompetent. I even hate the people who cant do anything for themselves because of some impairment, be it physical, mental, or whatever. I concede that its maybe not fair to hate people who seriously don't have their faculties together in order to make a life for themselves through no fault of their own, but I still feel that way. At least I'm honest about it.

Here's what I think should be done with all the bums: they should be rounded up and shipped out into the middle of nowhere, say Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Central Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, or the wasteland-like, where they will live on reservations and have to figure out a different way to exist besides freeloading off of society.

Probably what would happen is that they would all perish. And frankly, that's fine by me. Its the survival of the fittest's way.

Kein Geld für euch, faule Penners!

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